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It's when Nate Robinson's come over the Logan Paul's it's you know, It's sort of the same thing with comedy. I mean you just getting it becomes a complete Sideshow now. Do I hate it? I mean it makes for good jokes. I'm going to watch it. Like I said, you know, I don't think it's good for the sport. Mike. Tyson said that YouTube stars are saving boxing and I think that that's I think it's bulshit. What's what song save boxing is if greedy promoters if they just had one fucking belt, you know, when you have six bells for each weight class you're going to ruin boxing because that's not going to fight each other. That's just cuz we're going to happen. It needs to be one belt one belt. That's that's it. And I understand to Union thing and this and that and they get paid more because of the UFC has in from belts a tantrum belt and the real belt right, but that's because an interim belt because someone got injured or something they don't have like the interim belt because it's have the interim birth. I'm talking about like a WBC belt. All right, right. Okay, I see what you're saying. Yeah, it's just too many Bells. You know now you could say well anime could get that point if Bellator got on the same level as the UFC then you're like, well the best fighters are hurting each other cuz you have built or you know, if you'll see but that has not been the problem so far. So with that being said Bellator is making some pretty big moves Anthony Johnson going to Bellator is a huge deal huge right now is going to be heavyweight or light heavyweight, but God said light heavyweight 205. Wow, I think he's better off a heavyweight Amy. Ryan Bader is the heavyweight champion in Bellator right now. Yeah Johnson knocked him out in 30 seconds wage. I don't know why he wouldn't go to heavyweight. I mean, I think he's got a lot more of a I mean nemkov, right? Is it name, Yeah, that kid is a lot. He just beat Ryan Bader. He's alive or dead. yeah I mean I was actually Johnson I would stay at heavyweight I mean he he was a powerlifter you see how fucking big he got yeah but I mean I think sometimes like I was watching a couple of interviews where some people just want the they want to be in with the people that really can go like they really want to fight the best of maybe the heavyweight doesn't have as much like look at UFC heavyweight just thought of people in the heavyweight division that you can really better a draw well I'll tell you what Jon Jones at 2:40 looks scary but he's on some type of way program and I'm not going to make the obvious to say and I must be you will be at work I mean but man Jon Jones at heavyweight that scary dude right there because if you could retain the same speed and the skill man I mean we'll see we'll see I want to see it because right now Steve favor is Jose I mean, I want to see him fighting gonu if you compete in Ghana with heavyweight roof. That's that's the fight to make. I think I think before he I mean, I guess you gotta make serious money to pay its sleeping all the way. It's stupid because you got the 205 Champion versus the heavyweight champion, right? But in Ghana versus him come on how often crazy with that be that by Bill Davis. No, you're you're no that's no. It's Phil. What happened? Oh, it's going to help. You know, I am a because after see baby Cormier, which I give I just feel like see paid deserves the biggest fights that he could get. So I think the biggest fight for Steve..

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