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And he clearly is having fun. He's great in it. I want the nuance. I wanna know what made him that person of what lies and they flirted with it, but super breach man, so they got to kind of focus more on that. And I wonder if they're going to the spectacle of the show is what they're going to focus on rather than the little parts. So that's my only thing, but I'm definitely in for at least a couple more episodes. I highly recommend cool. Alright guys. So next. We have the latest trailer for Carmen sandiego. I'm gonna go ahead and play that and Christian myself. We're going to figure out what the fuck is happening with Carmen sandiego. All right. Did you have a wind up in crime school? You want the whole story. Well to training academy for these. If you choose of of professional there will be no turning back the finest criminal class. I realized stealing isn't a game. It does harm people. Especially when you're willing to steal lives. Really you can call me Carmen. Vile is stealing from all over the world. Where we outlier Sony Ecuador. I'll secure any valuable artifacts. Vile might explicit by stealing. Then what is common sense, a thief who only steals from other the's? Let's get this party started. Nothing's holding me back not anymore. To stop. For how long? Where in the world is Carmen sandiego..

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