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While you're at subscribe. Go ahead write a review. Give us a rating. Those things really helped show. We really appreciate it when people do. You know if you want to give us five stars up to you. If you don't hate him we appreciate honest views all the time but anyway as mentioned Wednesday The new league year began. That's right four. Pm Eastern time brought with it the beginning of the newly again so we are officially in the twenty twenty NFL season and as noted it was kind of a busy day for the Dallas Cowboys. And obviously we've known something so this point and we have updates and trackers and all things for you of course it blogging the boys dot com. We've known that Amari Cooper is going to be back with the Dallas cowboys you know the Dak Prescott Franchise tag to another Blake. Striving got an extension. We know the Baron Jones is headed the Miami Dolphins. We know that half of the cow was it. Feels like we're headed to the Las Vegas Writers Jason Win Me Collins and Jeff. He's but Wednesday brought with it some news in fact. I should say that Tuesday brought with it some news. So you know we we. We're always running. We are always doing what we can to give information at blog on the boys dot com and we put kind of everything. We'd set everything up on Tuesday night and sure enough word broke. The cowboys got one. The cowboys got their first outside. Free agent late Tuesday night. We wrote about it for you. It was all over our social channels. Didn't have a chance. Obviously podcast about it because we already pushed our podcast off for the day so apologies for being late with this but late Tuesday night. The Dallas Cowboys did agree to terms with defensive. Tackle Gerald McCoy. Oh yeah that's right Gerald McCoy you know the one the only jail McCoy thirty two years old defensive tackle extraordinaire since two thousand and twelve. Which I know that feels you know two thousand dollars. That was like three years ago. That was eight years ago since two thousand twelve. He has never finished a season playing less than thirteen games. Or with less than five sacks. See if you're telling me. I can count on from a historical from a trend perspective. Thirteen games and five sacks for my defensive tackle. I will take that all day and run to the bank with it and speaking of the bank there where people wondering. Whoa and I hope it wasn't a lot of money and you know and I hope you know I'm fine with it if if it's a good deal if you know the money's right. I'm fine with in and it's kind of what everybody says. What do you think about insert? Whatever free agent here. Well you know if the money's right that's I don't know if the money's right then maybe you never hear anybody say. What do you think about this guy to give them everything? Jim Jim? Everything's throw it off. Throw the kitchen sink at him. I don't care whatever it cost. It's always if the money's right speaking of the money with regards to jail McCoy. It was reported on Wednesday three years. Twenty and a quarter million dollars. If you're doing that math in your head that comes out to less than seven million dollars per season for one of the more. Prominent defensive tackles in the game and obviously as mentioned the cowboys did lose Melito Collins to the Las Vegas raiders landing. Joan McCoy is I think an upgrade and I say that with all due respect to me cons the cowboys suddenly look. It's hard to know exactly what the guy was defensive. Line overall is going to look like at the very least. You know that you've got demarcus Lawrence Jel McCoy now. Maybe you've got Randy Gregory. Obviously you're kind of counting on Antoine Woods and Tristan Hill to a certain degree and by the way nobody better for Tristen Hill to learn. From Stud like Gerald McCoy and Joe McCoy he spoke to. Espn's Jason Anderson. He said that he's excited. To be part of America's team is excited to play for my car that talked to him at the pro bowl before Joe McCoy son just committed to the University of Oklahoma to play for Lincoln Riley. So it's it's a cool story. I mean if you care about that and so it is nice to cowboys got one. That is a very very big deal for them. I think to land Gerald Mccoy so that happened late on Tuesday night then Wednesday. Everybody woke up. Okay crack the knuckles. What's going to happen today? Let's get it done. What are we going to see today? What are the rumor is? GonNa be what what's going to happen to the cowboys on Wednesday Hump Day when the newly officially begins today got started with some interest. Nfl Networks Jane Slater reported that the Dallas Cowboys and Emmanuel Sanders have interest in each other. That's right not just. This isn't a one way thing this isn't you know looking at a crush down the hall. No no no no. No this is when you meet is and you get a letter feel in Ho. You know the one. I'm talking about cowboys and Emmanuel. Sanders reportedly have mutual interest in one another Emmanuel Sanders. Obviously has been around the NFL for awhile. Coming off Emmanuel Sanders has kind of been used as this sort of one person. Focus Group with the fact that now with the new. Cba The NFL is going to have at some point in the near future. Seventeen Games regular season Emmanuel. Sanders just played seventeen games last season. He started off the season. Obviously with the Denver broncos hadn't had his by yet then got traded to the San Francisco. Forty niners who had already had their by so Emmanuel sanders played in seventeen games. He played all seventeen weeks and then followed that up with a playoff performance. Went to the Super Bowl with the forty niners obviously did not win it but he has won a super bowl. Before incidentally in the home of the forty niners Eh Levi stadium while a member of the Denver Broncos so Mayo it will sanders certainly a A legitimate wide receiver. I think and obviously the cowboys las Randall Cobb to the Houston Texans. I think Emmanuel Sanders can come in and can really kind of cushion that blow. I think that manual centers is a great option. If you're telling me the cowboys top wide receivers in two thousand twenty wide receiver trio I should say are Amari Cooper Michael Gallup and Emmanuel Sanders. Man. It's almost you know. I think you know that's pretty good. I mean right like that's that's pretty good. That's a pretty good way to live so Recording this on Wednesday evening at about seven fifteen. Pm Central Time so as of this particular moment because everything is fluid there are no answers as to where Emmanuel Sanders is going to end up. Now I should say Emmanuel Sanders. There are a lot of Dallas connections here obviously went to Smu. Just like Kobe's Lee by the way So he has that prominent Dallas connection and two years ago. Friend of the show. Bobby Belt reported that at the time if Emanuel was to be released by the Denver broncos the he would have interest in playing for the Dallas Cowboys. That did not happen. Obviously he wrote the two thousand eighteen in two thousand nineteen and with the Broncos but now he has a choice in the matter and for what it's worth if you care about this thing back around twenty eighteen. There was a tweet a tweet. Somebody tweeted saying that Emmanuel Sanders would do well with the cowboys and he liked it. Oh yeah he liked it and you know things are serious one dude tweets so Emmanuel Sanders In the cowboys who knows? Maybe that's going to happen. Maybe it won't but the cowboys were also linked to some other players They have been linked as we mentioned at the very least by Joe Thomas To W on Clowney who as of this recording does not have an NFL team So we'll see where county ultimately ends up. Wednesday's reports did note that he has not gotten the offers that he thought he would. And so I know that that gets a lot of people sort of optimistic. The cowboys offering something So maybe maybe that ultimately happens but we'll see There were against some other people that the cowboys were connected to. We've SEEN THEM BE CONNECTED TO CHRIS. Harris junior the cornerback. Also even the Denver Broncos but that will not come to pass is Chris. Harris Junior is headed to the Los Angeles chargers cowboys were also connected to a different cornerback. That's right Desmond Choo Fan. Who is coming off a nice career? So far with the Atlanta Falcons guys have been connected. A true font but that dream is gone as well. True Fund is headed to the Detroit Lions And you know. I think part of the reason why Chris Junior and Desmond show font probably chose other tinges because the cowboys ultimately got themselves a cornerback. That's right the cowboys I can't say signed. I mean nothing has happened. Nothing technical because of the way things are right now but the cowboys agreed to terms. Not just one cornerback with two quarterbacks. That's right the cowboys like. I said they were kind of busy on. Interestingly on on Wednesday so the cowboys had a lot going on for them. Specifically let's talk about the cowboys. Related elements are free agency. That went down on Wednesday but before we do. Let's take a very quick break to hear. A word from our sponsors hiring is difficult. You're looking for the just right candidate for your team's unique needs but knowing where to start the search can be challenging according to ziprecruiter research three out of four employers say. 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