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Collision Wendover road at rand off and that that's the disabled vehicle actually on northbound went over at rand off in a collision Pineville Matthews road at failed lane Rumer vying cannon WBTW for American Airlines Charlotte's primary Kerrier suspended Los Angeles flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing has efforts grow to contain a new virus from China other airlines also cutting back trying to service dramatically as health experts try to gain the upper hand on the virus that's infected thousands and killed more than a hundred and thirty the whole world needs to be allowed to fight the coronavirus according to the head of the World Health Organization unless he's program show warning comes ahead of a meeting Thursday to discuss whether the virus constitute a global health emergency the virus is not spread to at least sixteen countries including the U. at highland from Germany and Australia eighty six thousand people have called it and be willing to at least a hundred thirty to death number of cases in mainland China has also paas those the with second during the sars outbreak in two thousand and three the death toll still remains locked in London bendable Hokies regional subsidiary American Airlines has been cited for the death of a twenty four year old baggage handler can for cuts and a chart of Douglas airport last August on some work for Piedmont airlines when the baggage tug he was driving overturned North Carolina department of labor says Piedmont violated several OSHA regulations find the airline nearly twenty thousand dollars more signs the newspaper industry faces more tough times ahead especially with investors billionaire Warren Buffett giving up on the business selling all of Berkshire Hathaway's publications to Lee enterprises for a hundred and forty million dollars the deal covers thirty one daily newspapers in ten states putting the Winston Salem journal as well as forty nine paid weekly publications with digital sites and thirty two other print products WBT news talk to real for let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents which means you're going to start telling your kids to clean up before the cleaning lady comes doesn't make sense but you're the parent.

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