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Like an exciting episode for you because he selig too like when you watch the just like stuck with you in michael and jan kissed if you know what i read yeah gave just picture watching that he hinted without get describe at how and how make it a raw if it's erotic for you than me here i mean alantheia atlanta what's creepy for me is how you seemed to be like under selling your you're so detached from this moment that was clearly sort of a formative sexual experience of yours and ed's upsetting because it's a you know normally that is associated with some kind of passion it's like the first time you ever took a nap because we did you know we ask you pick it they did hundreds of episodes use zeroed in on the observer beickler jed kathan with an interesting psychological experiment you bullets take us back to win you first watched the episode and talk about that what that was like the big thing in this episode was one michael and jan kiss i saw this at fourteen years old and let's just say it changed my life sexually i never saw anyone kiss on screen uh so intimately and it opened up a whole new world for me i became brave and you know started talking to two women i wanna skill one to five boehner's iway bonner's yannick epa here if i were to give this seen a 105 bonner's i give at five boehner's that's right.

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