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Wouldn't be nearly as funny, but in no one's name. They moved fearless girl. Who had been facing down the bull on Wall Street, which always thought was sort of a an affront to capitalism, you know, so they've moved around to the other side of of the building. And I said she's now facing down a statue of Harvey Weinstein. So. That will get them going. That's just enough to throw raw meat out there to the left is on Twitter just to keep them occupied. You know, they aren't satisfied it. Oh my gosh. Ira. I ran into somebody over the weekend. And it was I don't know who this person was was like Phil Valentine show, by the way, one eight hundred six one eight Phil one eight hundred six one eight seven four four five, but you could just tell from her demeanor that she was just angry, you know, pinup anger, and it was like you were afraid to say anything. She just had this look like, and maybe it was me. I don't know. Maybe she knew who I was I have no idea, but she just had this pinup like I'm getting ready to unload on somebody, and there's so many of these folks walking around just ticking time bombs on the left that are so hack off. And now they think while we got Donald Trump gonna indict him on campaign finance violations. Do you realize by the way? That the penalty for if Trump actually committed some sort of campaign finance violation. I'm not aware of anybody that has ever gone to jail for then. But I was thinking about this too. Wasn't this you remember John Edwards? No, John Edwards from North Carolina. Senator. You remember what his deal was? Well, he was he was accused of funneling money to pay off somebody to be quiet. Wasn't. He. Yeah. That's what I remember. And what happened with that? Why I think that he was found not guilty. On may twenty four twenty eleven ABC news in the New York Times reported that the US department of Justice public integrity section had conducted a two year investigation into whether Edwards had used more than a million dollars in political donations. And again, this is the difference. He was using his own campaign funds to hide his affair and planned to pursue criminal charges for alleged violation of campaign finance laws on June third. Twenty eleven Edwards was indicted by a federal grand jury North Carolina on six felony charges, including four counts of collecting illegal campaign contributions one count of conspiracy and one count of making false statements. After postponing the start of the trial while Edwards was treated for a heart condition in February twenty twelve judge Catherine eagles of the US district court for the middle district of North Carolina scheduled jury selection to begin on April twelfth two thousand twelve Edwards trial began on April twenty third. Of that year as he faced up thirty years in prison and one point five million dollar fine. But on may thirty first twenty twelve Edwards was found not guilty on count three illegal use of campaign funding contributions from bunny Mellon, Rachel bunny Mellon, while mistrials were declared on the other all the other counts against him. And then on June thirteenth of two thousand twelve. The Justice department announced that it had dropped the charges and would not attempt to retry Edwards. So people keep saying I heard somebody on wherever's listening today. This has never been adjudicated this type of thing. Oh, yes. It has John Edwards was using his own campaign funds over a million dollars in campaign funds to hide an extramarital affair, and he was found not guilty not guilty. So I can't imagine that that stroke in a check stroke ins, a bad word. But anyway, writing the check for one hundred twenty one hundred thirty five thousand dollars, whatever it was for either McDougal, and or stormy Daniels. Is some kind of campaign finance violation. It was coming out of your own money. John Edwards was actually using campaign funds. So that's a misuse of campaign funds, obviously. But even he was found not guilty. So how in the world, do you think you're going to rack up twelve unless unless you go to get them all out of Maxine Waters district. Maybe Alexandra Cossio Cortez. You go to hurt district in rack up twelve folks. You may get a conviction what I'm talking about twelve same people. So you take twelve sane people. And you put them in you, go. Okay. What's the what's the violation here? Well, the folks at the Justice department will be hard pressed or the people that are prosecuting or whatever New York southern district SDN why suddenly are going to be hard pressed to even find in the campaign finance law where this is illegal and John Edwards case. It was clear. I mean, he had used campaign funds. Donald Trump purposely did not use campaign funds. He used his own money to send money out. Usually with camping. It looked campaign finance laws either. Well, there are several things that they can cover, but they usually cover illegal contributions into the campaign or raiding the campaign war chest to pay for things that aren't campaign related that. You don't report and therein lies the problem. You're not reporting as a matter of fact, whoever was paying for this was he paying the woman. He was having an affair with the baby with her. I didn't follow this thing very clear closely, obviously, well, let's not forget that when he when his wife was dying of cancer, and he was running running for office that he had a little window there that said click here to send best wishes. Yes. And when you clicked on it, it was contribution was asking you for a contribution to his campaign, which very well may have gone to pay off the mistress. I think she did have a baby with an. Yeah. She didn't have a BB. Did he pay her? Did you have to pay her one point five million dollars to keep it quiet? I mean, anyway, whatever the case may be he took money out of the campaign war chest and paint it for something and the violation was not so much that he paid her because he could have said, well, you know, she was a videographer. He's going to said, well, this is for video services. Just like Hillary did with the funneling money laundering money through her law firm to pay off Christopher Steele for the dirt on Trump, which is clearly illegal if she paid him directly. But even if she didn't I mean, we know where the money it's it's like following the money. I don't know why they're not going after that that's supposed to be absolutely a campaign finance violation. You can't pay a foreign entity for dirt on your opponent. That's the key foreign influence out of elections. And we know she did that oh but fail. It wasn't the Russians. It doesn't matter who it. Well, it was the Russians indirectly. But Christopher Steele is not from around here. Folks. I want to you know, he's a he's won them. He's wanting to Brits. And so she paid him. But she funneled the money through her law firm, and they tagged at his legal services. We'll have John Edwards had done that then he may not have even been indicted, if he just paid her for video services, and they go a man that must be one heck of a video at one point or one million dollars. But he didn't. And so they're in was the violation the violation. My understanding again, I didn't follow this closely. But my understanding is the violation was. Is that he had paid her out of campaign money? But didn't report it you see it was a nondisclosure non reporting infraction. Well, Trump's not done that at all. Again. I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea. I'm not saying it's a great idea to cheat on your wife, and then pay the woman you cheated with keep your mouth shut you probably need to find a higher class of mistresses. If that's the case if they're gonna come back later and want money for it. Maybe you should have paid her on the front end. And what does that make stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal he's paying her because he had sex with her. I don't know you can do the math on that. But. He didn't use campaign funds. He didn't try to hide it because he didn't pay cash and that was from the Tate with Cohen who tried to told me to pay cash. And then when you turn it up, he said don't pay cash. Oh, well, hey, by that tape never mind about that. But we, hey, I got the goods on him. Yeah. But Phil, but Cohen was indicted for this. He was indicted for a crime that wasn't a crime. This is a made up crime. Well, why did he plead guilty? He pled guilty to that. Because that's what they wanted to. They could implicate Donald Trump. It's not a crime. They got him to do this. So they go lighter on him of his tax evasion. The taxi medallions scheme that he had gone to the rest of it. So he essentially pleaded guilty to something that wasn't even a crime just so they could get individual one on the air and say that you conspire with individual one, which makes Trump's sort of the proverbial unindicted co-conspirator know this. Well, there's not even a crime and Trump's best defense believe it or not is he's going to break out pay stubs and say, we did this all the time. Folks, come up, and they will they to hold something over your head. I better this woman at whatever we baiter off. That's what we do. I mean, you know, we want these things to go away. But I go back to my defense. If maybe I needed text DJ had contact with him in a long time and just tell him this. If you really want a good defense substitute paying off stormy Daniels because you had an affair whether with you're paying some guy who's gotten your medical records and find out if you have a heart condition. You don't want that public two weeks before the camp before the election because people go oh my gosh. He's not fit to be present may not last. And so you wanna keep that buried? Well. That's not quite as sexy is it, but it is exactly the same thing. You've got something in your private life that you want to keep private, and so you pay somebody to keep their mouth shut and they sign an NDA a nondisclosure agreement. And you're going with the program would that be illegal and people will know? Well, what's the difference? The only difference is one has sex in it and the other dozen, and that's why everybody's so enthralled by all this because sex sells this is sexy. This is scandalous, but it would be the same premise if he paid somebody to keep his medical records quiet because he had a heart condition. And of course, the Van Gogh listeners go off and say did you hear that Phil Valentine says Trump has a heart condition now I'm not saying that what I'm saying is if somebody tried to blackmail him with? That information and he paid him one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. It would be no different than the money. He paid stormy Daniels. The only difference is sex. So tell me how sex makes it illegal. That's your homework assignment for tonight. Folks, if you can figure that out, and you let me know tomorrow how in the world is sex in this scenario upkeeping sex private make it illegal when keeping a heart condition. Private wouldn't be legal. Will you all know that if you paid somebody to be quiet about his heart condition? It wouldn't be illegal. See what they're doing is. It reminds me of it really does remind me of the global warming. Folks. They I've always said this about these people they want you to prove a negative. So what they're saying is is that Trump influence the campaign by not making this public. Well, it wasn't public. She was the one trying to influence the campaign or get herself one hundred twenty thousand dollars. But she was she was trying to do both because one of them. It may have been the McDougal chick. She had sold her story to the National Enquirer in Trump paid the National Enquirer to not run the story. So she was trying to do both. She was trying to influence the election, and she was trying to get some money at the same time. So what does that make her? She's the one trying to influence the election. Well, it makes her in stormy all sorts of unmentionable things on the radio. But it makes them the ones who were trying to win. Influence the election. Other words, they're the ones with the information. Not Trump Trump didn't try to influence the election. All he tried to keep the status quo going. How is that influencing elections? Well, fill you're being naive. You're not going to say this nugget influence. I don't know he thought it would be embarrassing didn't want anybody. No. But I will tell you this. And this is something else. He can argue in court, and this is going to be really it's going to be chilly around the old White House residents. But what he should argue and again, DJ TJ. If you're listening out there, here's how you play this. And I'm not a lawyer, by the way, although I did play one of the movies..

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