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Obviously we are up there in Victorville all about thirty minutes away from where this happened the big one that we had in July I I've always train my daughter not to panic I've always said to our whatever you do in life don't panic you can take to get through almost anything in life don't panic don't panic don't panic I bet I've I've been saying this tour since she was born and she's now fourteen don't panic don't panic so the big one hits the six point nine right around July fourth or fifth or six whenever that was and the whole house is shaking she has two friends over I open the door shop those two kids outside of my wife outside as it I'm going upstairs to grab my daughter I grew run upstairs like falling over the stairs to get up there and I get into my daughter's room shutter doors door close I'm you know my busted open I'm actually just Jekyll to handle it and she's standing there in a towel she just got out of the shower I guess so earthquake bigger earthquake let's go she says the me she goes yeah I'll throw sub mon I meet you downstairs and I'm like yeah yes there were two four do you need yeah hold panic a yeah but because when you have kids over it are not yours you feel almost more responsible definitely you know if anything were to happen to those kids man oh man that's on you all right we're all we're keeping an eye on this earthquake now there's anymore aftershocks and you don't feel on the bottom because this building I guess.

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