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Donald Trump, Floyd, Bloomberg discussed on Bloomberg Businessweek


That president trump's response to protesters upset over the death of Floyd may be pushing more deep pocket donors to the Biden campaign Bloomberg's Amy Morris reports from Washington democratic donors are pouring money into Joe Biden's campaign to fund raisers say it's because of president trump's response to the demonstrations motivating donors to give more money to support Biden's bid for president Biden is set up a fundraising vehicle that can accept much bigger amounts split between the Democratic National Committee his campaign and twenty six state parties Biden's fundraising is trailed the trump campaign which has raised seven hundred forty two million dollars in the past sixteen months in Washington I maybe Morris Bloomberg radio and a new poll shows president trump's approval rating slipping a Monmouth university poll shows a widening of the gap between democratic nominee Joe Biden and president trump with Biden receiving fifty two percent support while trump had forty one percent on the issue of race fifty percent said they have no confidence in trump's handling of race relations.

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