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He was active. But then and then don't forget DJ more. I wanna bring back again because he didn't score this week. He's not going to be at the very top of the fantasy rankings. But don't forget about him eight for ninety one nine targets the arrival of DJ more is real and asked week. We're talking about trae quantum DJ more trick one did not play DJ more dead and he played. Well, he's got Tampa next week then Cleveland in New Orleans, then Atlanta DJ more. Yep. You got to look at him. Yeah. Look long and hard tight ends Eric Hebron two touchdowns jackdaw at one touchdown. Oh, he brought. Hey, he had seven target highs. Rob gronkowski alert. Yeah. He cuts down guys. Great lines down. Yes. Three hundred fifty six and a touchdown on seven targets. David. And Joe Cada bond was carried into the end zone. I didn't see the play. Yeah. And you guys were talking about. And then when I saw it it lived up tech spectators. So go watch the David Joe coup. Touchdown. There's like nothing you've ever seen before. Cameron Bray got in the end zone. Yeah. I mean, it's exactly what you hope for it. You know, James Winston out. There loves to target came and break near the red zone right off the bat starts the game with a touchdown. Rising stars of the week. Certainly not my dynasty team right now. Oh. No supernova. Yeah. Really? Yeah. My rising stars the Gus Gus Edwards running back for the Baltimore Ravens, man. I almost threw Orioles out there Brooks. I am. I you would've liked that. Oh, yeah. Twenty-three for one eighteen five point one. A Kerry Alex Collins was not active and Gus delivered and it to me it's very likely to Baltimore sticks with the Mark Jackson a quarterback. They've won a couple of games in a row. Gus Edwards is getting the job done. They're doing what they wanna do with them. Which is you know, they want to use them for twenty twenty-five carries. They don't want to put it all on the Mark Jackson and Lamar Jackson's arm. They did not run the ball with Marge. Exa nearly as much as weak as they did the week before which lowers his risk of injury. Which is something you have to do with a quarterback. Even if he's as talented as Lamar Jackson is Gus Edwards has a strong into the season in in those lakes. Yeah, we talked about the schedule coming up routes Collins. This is the same schedule Sam team. So I like it a lot. My rising star is Baker Mayfield. You know, he he he showed so much in preseason an early in the year, you could see the flashes of what you saw in college. But then it was like you still the prounced. And there was a stretch of really bad play you're playing poor and you stink. But since you Jackson has been gone. Todd Haley as well. And Todd Haley sure since the chain Jackson defender, we're no I matters more taught Haley's gone than it does. Hugh Jackson thought as the ones calling the plate every every week since the change at coaching a head coach and office coordinator Baker has been fantastic. He has the second highest passer rating over that time behind only drew Brees. And if you look at his last four games from we, you know, eight through twelve he's on during the four-game pace would be thirty eight hundred yards forty four touchdowns and eight interceptions. So he's been awesome. Now, the question is the schedule because we had talked earlier in the year about one a nice schedule the Browns had coming up. And now they have completed that they had the Tampa, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Atlanta, Cincinnati which was just all great, and he performed well the. The reason I'm making him my rising stars. I think he's good enough over these next more difficult weeks to still be relevant Houston. Carolina Denver, and then Cincinnati again this time in Cleveland championship week. You gotta keep your eyes on him. You know, he helps I'll pump the brakes on them right now. He'll be my pump the brakes on Wednesday for sure. Yeah. Houston houston. First week of that schedule against Houston is going to be the most difficult, but he's shown that he was worthy of being the number one pick that he looks to be the best quarterback in this draft class is so I'm rising on him. I I a Baker believer. All right..

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