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Here are John Ahlers and Joe Micheletti. Won't swap from Central Bell in Montreal. It is game twat of the finale de la Coupe Stanley John dollars alongside Joe Micheletti as this series moves north of the border. The Montreal Canadians host a Stanley Cup final game for the first time ever at Bell Centre, trailing this series, two games to none. The history is here, Joe Micheletti. The Canadians are hoping it works on their side. But we are going to focus on somebody who's coming into the series who we will not see on the ice tonight. Dominique Ducharme after a 14 Day quarantine following a positive test for Covid 19 back on the Montreal bench tonight, you have played in this league you have coached in this league. A lot of fans out there are going to say a coach on the bench. Is it that big a deal? I think it is. In this situation. You know, most coaches will tell you that as the as the Stanley Cup playoffs, go on. And if you're fortunate to continue to go on Coaching. Probably isn't as intense as far as exes and ohs as it is earlier in the series, But there's something more to this because this whole Montreal story to me. Is something that's special. And part of the special story is the fact that Dominique Ducharme took over mid season He was an assistant. There was a change with the head coach. He takes over now, Over the course of the second half of the season. They go through injuries. They go through trades. They go through an awful lot of different things. And so he he was there to absorb all that. He's got a special relationship with the players because you know what the players appreciated what he did to help get them here, and it's a team that no one thought would be in this situation. So there's a there's a genuine, uh, happiness amongst the players. At the head coach who came on midstream gets to be in this situation, and I think that will help them. The other part of this is that Luke Richardson, who took over as the head coach, while Dominique Ducharme was gone. Goes back to handle the defense, and I think that's really important because they've got their 5th and 6th defenseman that played about 10 minutes a game. I think they're going to have to be utilized a little bit more as the series goes on. And with Luke Richardson deal That's his specialty is he was a NHL defenseman for years and years over 1400 games in this league, and so that's his spot, and I think that that will help them. Going forward, also having him back in the spot that he belongs, Interestingly enough, where Richardson is concerned 1417 regular season National Hockey League games for five different teams over 17 seasons. Never been to a Stanley Cup final before he was the interim interim head coach behind the bench until tonight. Ducharme incidentally, took over mid season He is still officially the interim. Head coach here in Montreal, and many would say, Well, clearly, that tag will probably be removed. But in the regular season after taking over for Claude Julien, 15 16 and seven was the record all the more remarkable that the Canadians find themselves here. But Joe do they find themselves in a must win situation? Clearly not an elimination game. The old cliche. We hear it all the time. A team is not in trouble in a series until they lose a home game down to after having lost two on the road. Is this a must win for the Canadian? Yes, they have to win. Have to win. Unless unless they they lose this game and Tampa Bay ends up losing a whole slew of their key players, including their goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, because he's the best in the world. And the way he plays in the way he can his record in elimination games. So so for Montreal, you have to look at this game that if they don't win, this series is over. It's just a matter of what day it ends on because To come back and try to beat Tampa Bay with the squad they have on the ice Now. They still they still are are missing. Alex Killorn. He will not play again tonight, so he misses his second straight game. But they have such depth. On this team, and they know how to win coming off of what they did last season. So so Montreal has to win the game. I think they know that so far in.

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