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For example, the player I'd noticed on the wing opposite from me Austin Crozier who was finishing up along exorbitant contract. He'd signed with the Pacers. After a strangely productive playoff run. Several years before Crozier had caught the ball in play with details aren't important in had an unimpeded path to the basket. I knew I could pretend to hadn't noticed him. It wasn't my fault. He was open after all. But I also knew that such luxuries are only available to players on five year contracts. The fate of my career it was tied to making the right decision in situations. Like, these I dragged my tired, but enthusiastic body across the lane found a position between Crozier's body in the basket, and stuck up my hands hoping I'd arrived in time to take charge. One of those fouls. See in basketball wherein defender falls to the ground and the referee points accusingly at the guy who ran into him as Crozier rose toward the basket. His knees slammed into the left side of my body. And I hit the floor like a sack of potatoes that's fallen off the back of an Idaho truck like someone who's taking charge. Should it was a picture? Perfect effort play exactly the sort of thing. I'd been put on the court to do. There was one problem. I hadn't gone down only because I wanted to draw foul on Crozier. I was hurt. I ran through the possibilities. Like, Terminator scanning hardware knocked down. Now. I can breathe mostly anyway. Did you know that wasn't it? Although it had been a close call. No, no. And no, I was processing all of this just fine while my body continued its analysis, I wriggled towards the baseline trying to get out of the way so Crozier could shoot his free throw in the game. Could go on. I wanted skies in the coaching staff to remember the job done on our test. Not the time I'd cracked a rib or whatever this was at the end of my tour of duty the bulls head athletic trainer. Ted was that my side before I stopped my weird imitation of an earthworm in a drying puddle. What's wrong? He asked kneeling next to me under the basket down that way, I said waving toward my midsection, my CPU still hadn't come up with a satisfactory explanation. Ted in is assistant pulled me off the floor. I hobbled to the Pacers on site. X Ray machine where it was determined that I hadn't broken any ribs. This was terrible news. My midsection felt like someone. Had worked it over with a ball p hammer, and it was only a bruise by the time. I was done in the miniature of medical facility inside the Pacers can Saco field house the game. Didn't I rejoined my teammates on the way to the locker room where I showered feeling queasy and dizzy, Ted took my blood pressure twice. And I let him not really asking why I was concentrating on breathing without making my side hurt too much when everyone was cleaned up. We got on the bus bound for the airport. NBA teams use chartered plane. So they are free to fly home or to the next city immediately after the game and also because chartered planes are really nice in professional basketball players are spoiled in this case, we were headed home back to Chicago where sweet relief awaited in the form of my room at the residence in across the parking lot from the.

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