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He ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire here's the interview charlie weis once again we tape this in a crowded bar we put the headsets on we tried to diminish the noise as much as we could but it is going to be a little bit noisy suggest fair warning but i think it's still a really good in view and we gets talking about his bird served as charlie weis a novel something completely different i we now welcome on a very special gas it is charlie weis former head coach former offensive coordinator super bowl winner we're at cowboy jack so if you hear people the back roads because there is a party going on in it's going raise rugby super bowl sunday coach we always start this when we have coaches that are not actively coaching can we call you coach you can call me whatever you want new crummy coaching gouami charles eden woon international you pick one and i privilege okay yeah we're going to the little guy that's fine yeah so last night we were watching we we actually watched the two bills documentary that you were in and it was a fascinating look it to really fascinating guys in the football world you got your start with bill parcells race i did so how that come about walls back in 1990 and i had worked at south carolina without grow the year before and the guy who worked for guiding him joe more significant giant die so the giants hired now rose their linebacker coach y'all check moved to the secondary and at the end of that season they were going to replace replacement of the guys on the snap in throughout grows recommendation to tim rhodesia proportional guy took dell nobil bill was looking for basically a young guy that had no life great so they hired minutes now you a young guy would know lesser today i could use football goods richer yeah okay this has hired make sure you're you're pretty good or the documentary i felt that you've got short changed a little bit i would have liked enemy the title at the two bills and charlie.

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