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She is pocketing money for Planned Parenthood. Her daughter is a member of Planned Parenthood. Her family was among the leaders of Planned Parenthood. She rolls a favorite Planned Parenthood. And now she's getting a hundred thousand dollars in campaign support from Planned Parenthood. For liberals. They are unbothered by the lack of ethics here because they just want to elect the lefty judge. So from Neubauer's perspective, of course, take planned Parenthood's money. I'm rolling it outside money. Then the next part of this just that in total disingenuous this whole thing the fake high ground that liberals always take if you find a conservative that's ever to express the political viewpoint at anything. They say they're not fit to be a judge there. People are politically active forever and ever and ever early on in this campaign. This is a key point for me to make. Early on in this campaign. It looked like leading conservative groups are gonna make a major stand here in this race in Wisconsin. A lot of conservatives, including me were very frustrated over what happened last year in the state supreme court race when lefty dalit was elected and the conservative candidates sporadic lost. And there were indications that this was going to be a major priority for conservatives. Not only in Wisconsin. But around the country to try to keep this seat this year so expecting this Neubauer came out and condemned outside money because she thought her opponent would get a lot of it. Why is it getting any of it? As it turns out this expected support for Brian has not materialized because everybody's got the GB's because he started a Christian school. And we've seen the backlash and business groups that are often the supporters of conservative candidates are running away from Hagedorn because they're afraid of being called bigots because Hagedorn Christian this is what it's come to your Christian. You're a bigot. That's just the way the Bill that we've established the new rules. So the outside money isn't materializing for Hagedorn. But it is for Neubauer. She's getting a ton of outside money. Which is why you see a different Lisa Neubauer ad on television every five minutes. And now she's getting one hundred thousand dollars center outside money from Planned Parenthood. This is the same leasing Neubauer who when she thought the outside money would be going to the other side was condemning it now she's rolling in it. Total phoniness this no sincerity with regard to anything that they do other than that. They wanna win. They get on this high minded stuff, and they said ho the public doesn't want all this money involved in politics. They say that only when they think the other side's gonna get all the money when they get all the money. It do everything that they said about that. Jesse rice. It's the same crap. Russ Feingold poll what he ran in his last campaign and twenty. Sixty feingold. I'm not going to accept Pac money, I can accept pack money, not gonna accept pack money. So what does it do what he gets out of office starts, a pack roles pack money when he tried to get the job back to Ron Johnson. Just forty to Stanford not that in vanity issue act as though you're holier than thou you the most sanctimonious person in the world. And then when it comes time to. Put your money where your mouth is or the backup your rhetoric you're on the exact opposite side of things. Lisa Neubauer lax ethics. You can't rule on a Planned Parenthood case when you and your family are longtime supporters of Planned Parenthood. It'd be like if I got elected judge ruled on a case involving W, I S and radio. It's ridiculous. Paul asks how could she get away with it? Well, liberals get away with what they get away with who's to blow the whistle on them. Now in this case, there is a story in the newspaper out of online does have a story whether or not it moves the needle with a voter or not how much follow up with the story. Get don't know. And you have of course, the significant problem that Hagedorn is being outspent by Neubauer can even communicate. The fact that Neubauer has been caught in this brazen conflict. Hired him to do. So what is money dried up led by the realtors? I've been asked why out of all the groups that sold out Brian. Hey, good on my most focused on the realtors is because they put out a press release. They patted themselves on the back for disassociating with themselves some Hagedorn because of his Christian beliefs. The realtors, you know, these people that evolved in the realtor. So I backed on many issues over the years. They're led by the Stefaniuk group, and gene Stefaniuk what they did in the case of Neubauer. I find to be indefensible, and that's why I'm going to publicly out them for it. Nobody else is going to. Plot. At some their leftie pals, the you know, the leadership and Madison's going to be patted on the back for it. I'm at least going to let my audience know, what was done here. And when we lose control of the state supreme court, if we do we will know that the Stefani at group helped him power that to happen. What can I do about it? All I can do I guess is not ever buy a house. That's the funny X list. What good is that gonna do? I buy a house. Apparently once every three decades on that second tell my audience about it. And that's they run the realtors association. She's the head of it and didn't lift a finger to stop the anti Christian bigotry that they directed at trion Hagedorn. So I hope they're happy when new or gets on the bench and rules against businesses have rules against development of rules against the realtors. One thing after another after another after another after another, but boy, they look like they're so Tyler and because they're not gonna let a guy and monster who started a Christian school become a judge. You wonder why you have to take these days off? Gonna kill right over again that people don't even like to joke about that. They don't joking about keeling over the keel over. Remember that? What it's by health. I could say what I want. Well, that's the attitude that Lisa Neubauer takes there. Hey, you know, I'm a liberal. I can do whatever the hell I want I can take money from Planned Parenthood. And then get on the bench and rule in favor of Mike and do that who's going to do something to me. But Mark Belling, bring it up. So what my opponent doesn't have any ad money. We steered that right out of we manage the bully realtors right out of the race managed to get our J endeavoured Madison there to even joined on my side over there because they're mad. They didn't get hired to run keg adorns campaign. You know, if I do nothing else on this show. I can at least bring up the things that I happen to know some people wish I wouldn't share with anybody. I could at least do that. So you can know that RJ and Deb and Madison sellouts. Wasted. How many different segments on my show over the last couple of decades supporting and defending them, and I find out now that they're worse than typical Madison out who's just in it for themselves and couldn't care less about any issue, and will abandon you the moment that it becomes convenient to them. So they can buddy up to the groups that line their pockets. Liberalism is filled with swamp type groups, but so is conservatism of all the things Trump is Trump has talked about what he read. That's swamp thing it's real it's real in Washington. And it's real in Wisconsin. There are swamp groups and swap memories and swamp insiders who look out for themselves above all other things, including ideology. Well, I'm far more concerned about ideology than any of those other things, and I'm at least going to use my voice to let people know what's going on five forty five. News talk eleven thirty w. It's time for.

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