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But no no johnnydepp's showing up in character to see how he does add showing up in character i decree that i did too although there the characters in the ride look very realistic right still wasn't the real thrilled the unfortunately uh but you have a ton going on i was just saying it's come spreading we haven't talked for second because specially in this moment uh let's see you've got to films a tv show and a book we talked about soi guess that's a good thing would ring publicity come just kill off uber to one stone yeah it's it's definitely something i've never had happened before where you shoot things back to back and then they come out backtoback leonard usually something happens and a year and a half later at finally shows light of day or it i'm you know comes up at a festival ages online but it's exciting and also it's ironic his two of the things are both netflixing and then ones amazon showing a book is on amazon sound like way this is kind of this kind of funny it's all across promotional exciting though when you look back because it's funny i always enjoy talking to people that like kind of your career has dovetailed in terms of like do growth is an actor like i can't mtv about 10 years ago however any mcrae's only godandi feel like i've been talking to you since you kind of got into this i don't know we spoke for blindside but certainly um mirror mirror and moral instruments at cetera and it's always funded for me just like to see an actors growth in sort.

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