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I would guess i wasn't going to be a title favourite portland because we have to deal with the lakers. Okay powerhouses the celtics. Pows like that. But i want cash and wins but i would rather sacrifice the cash to keep the win peasant. How much cash. I would sacrifice online at not well. I'm not going to sacrifice half fifty. I'm not gonna sacrifice half the deal. No you're going to have to make it close. But yeah i would i would. I would do what it takes to stay on a team. That has a chance to win it so hard. It is to win. The million dollar man used to say who the million dollar man the wrestler. Oh yeah well. Everybody's got a price and that's why couldn't stand people that would leave. Do you remember sean gilbert. I think you were here taco. Yeah yes he was. He was the errand donald. I guess back then in the nineties and from pitt same school as aaron donald and he was the guy that mentored me into the nfl. So i went right from college. I'm still raw. Boola boola and i met show gilbert so he kind of mentored me then. We left went to saint louis and i remember we were on a bus leaving practice going back to the facility in city about fifteen minute drive. Everything in saint louis is a fifteen minute drive and he told me on the bus that he was getting ready to leave like. I'm leaving this team and going to washington. And i was so i never. I haven't spoke to him since. I was so disgusted by that. How can you leave us. We have a chance to be great. We have a chance to win and it was all about business and money was so. What's the basis now back then. Thirty years ago he wound up making forty eight million. Forty six million. This is nine hundred ninety. Five dollars for a defensive tackle. That's big dough. Absolutely no doubt but i'm saying i was supposed to be other players pockets last night me. We had a chance to be a dominant defensive line about the steel curtain. If i had a team that says i got a chance to make way more money. Something i said. Go ahead take yourself and your family. I wouldn't be mad if it i first. What's the team going to do for you here. What's the team offer. So if the team said if he told me the team is going to offer them twenty five million and you know you're close to that number but some team is about to break the bank and pay you way more than you're worth and you take that then an with washington did not him no Carolina them but he wants to the pro bowl that year. Yeah absolutely absolutely. So what's good here. There's nobody better to talk to you about this two things when i watched my football game to raspy exactly the. I'm sorry. i told my family that i was going to do a show with you and they went nuts. 'cause they're laker fans really yeah. I mean they're listening right now. But what does he look like now exactly the way he did as a player. Anyway go ahead except louis hair. Yeah go ahead. Look at grady. From the sanford sanford and son. Oh y'all agree but here's the thing that bothers me when i watched the rams play and when i watch lyman play 'cause i always like to watch the trenches. I always pay attention to that stuff. You're a big yeah. Ever since larry's larry allen was in the league who dominate at the line. Did anybody ever scare you in your career. Yeah oh yeah i was. I'm not man enough to say. Does darryl dawkins okay fair. Big monsters just didn't what. I've never heard any man pads until i lined up on larry allen why he was massive he was strong and we had played in an all star game together and he was just like he was nasty as a person not mean just gross like he would spit tobacco spit in his car seat. Just nasty type dude. But he was also nasty as a player and strong as i heard..

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