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Back on their flights to China because of fewer bookings during the corona virus outbreak but the union that represents American Airlines pilots he's now suing American to stop all flights to China the allied pilots association represents about fifteen thousand American Airlines pilots it's asking for a temporary restraining order to stop American flights between the US and China the union is telling its pilots to decline assignments to fly to China I like stone ABC news American by the way is the largest carrier at sky harbor airport three thirty two let's get to deter Dan now in the valley should be dealers traffic center who's got the little bitty site info here yeah they're good news here on this record the tool to read on freeway never Clint talk had been blocking the HOV lane that Rick is now off right to preserve traffic break Kenneth stood you up for a moment but you are now good to go with all lanes open in the crash moved off right U. S. sixty west about the you know what that's like you've got a couple of those westbound sixty a priest a wreck off right and a record of the westbound sixty back at Stapley that's off left at the right time for the sixty could be worse thirty one minutes signal Butte to the ten the ten Bucks recover there's only twelve minutes on it from the Santander the seventeens worth but you are getting a fourteen minute ride on that read not freeway from the one one price to the fifty one northbound one a one that's now thirty three minutes and continuing to improve from the sands and north up the Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard this driver to port right you buy break masters you can schedule an appointment and book it the same day online a break masters dot com break Matthews is your complete automotive care specialist break masters they'll give you an honest break the third and get your and as high pressure builds in bringing dry and warmer conditions through the weekend will reach seventy two for high today seventy six on Saturday and seventy seven on Sunday morning lows will fall into the forties each day then our.

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