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The backside at Churchill Downs on oak. Stay getting ready for tomorrow hundred and forty fifth Kentucky Derby. And we've got some features here that our good friend Jodie Ling produced for us kind of taking a look at each of the horses that will be running in this year's Kentucky Derby earlier on the program. We had Paul Rogers with us in. He picked one of his picks was roadster. Here's Jody dimly telling us a little bit more about that horse now on look at the Kentucky Derby field one by one roadster. Bob Baffert calls roadster, his TMZ horse and many bettors on derby day. Could call him the favorite. Yes. One of Bob Baffert three horses. Roaster is probably going to take a ton of money the betting windows. He's got a huge upside. And it's coming off a victory in the Santa Anita derby grocer it has here. Back off you worked. Really, well, you know, we will we've always thought very highly of roasters positions. Owned by speedway stable and trained by the hall of Famer bathroom throat, stir was the big horse in the backward. Born last summer, he was the top candidate on the Kentucky, Derby trail is debut at del mar thing of beauty a four and a half link score back in July. But then he was beaten by stablemate game winner in the del mar Futurity inset, but he had a huge excuse that day a loose flap in his throat stifled is breathing. He was sidelined for six months after throat surgery. And he came back. This ring look in like the roadster of old a two and a half linked score. An optional claiming race on March first and then a half links to beat game winner in Saint derby. Yeah, we're doing some westbound proper because. So the. Era asking me about testify, and they asked to give us one more for next year. Keep badgering. All right. That was your fill the Baffert hoping his TMZ.

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