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We have our first leak if you will from the legal tampering, and that's Trent Brown the left. Hacksaw that who played all sixteen games for the patriots last year. Yeah, he's going to the raiders. So the raiders are making it obvious. They are trying to win right now. Yeah. Trade for Antonio Brown. You give a huge contract to Brown Trent Brown that is Antonio Brown. They're clearly going forward. So now, it would almost be stunning. If they took Dwayne Haskins at that part of the draft right before the giants. Yeah. I don't think that's at four the raiders at four. I don't think that's happened. Yeah. No doubt. Mike is in Hoboken. Hey, Mike, Mike. Hey, guys loved the show Mets fan, but curious about this Wheeler talk, you know, seem what guy Corbin or making certainly attractive. Now, he got a front row seat to see how things happened with Harvey Harvey. It was like inevitable if years ago that he was going to get some huge deal. That ended up that weighs on a guy like dealer just kind of seeing that other side of it. And what are you gonna do? I think it's different because of how close he is to the promised land. He's a year away from free agency. I think there's a big difference between being a year away from free agency and two three years away from free agency where there is more worry. Plus we were so dominant show in the second half of last year. And his money's thinking. Oh my God. If I do this. I am going to go up with Harvey was going the other way. Yeah. That's the other thing. Plus if Harvey was going to agree to any kind of extension. Let's say after the two thousand fifteen season think about how far away he was from free agency. He'd have been three full seasons away from it here. So you're never gonna get your maximum payday when you're that far away. Yeah. Well, it's part of the risks at the time. Because of Syndergaard and degrom and Matt's not that. I thought Matt Harvey was gonna fall off the face. I didn't I wanted to trade him does a big fan of trading him. And I was thrown out all the crazy deals out there at that time. Mookie Betts, Mookie Betts, Jose altuve. Hilarious and depressing. That's very Larry's is at the time. It seemed didn't seem like we don't want. Nobody wants to know at the time. We were the one. I know I'll never forget. Mike for saying it when I suggested altuve to for Harvey and both of you guys said, Nah, I wanna do it. It's it's fair to say, you guys are crazy. Because at the time, I think it was a different player. I can't speak for Mike, but I'm certainly credit. Well, yes. But like saying it now sounds absurd right? Thank you. A joke was not absurd after two thousand fifteen know Matt Harvey looked like he was gonna fake career. Not at all. But the reason I was last good year. Riyad was twenty fifteen but he's still got one year eleven million dollars from the angels. Yeah. What kind of year he's gonna c see in north jersey mo-? How're you get? Our you guys smoke. What's? Hi. So I got the Yankees winning a hunger games this year. I got Boston right behind them with probably like ninety seven. I got Cleveland winningest division by twenty games. I got Houston renting the division. Okay. Louis that surprised sixty is gonna be this year. That second wildcard American reason that the money question every single year from Minnesota Glenn. It is. I don't think there a surprise anymore. Tampa Bay ninety last year. Yeah. I like Minnesota. I like Minnesota to bounce back. And I don't necessarily think the Indians are just gonna cruise to the American League central. That'd be and I don't think the Red Sox and winning ninety six games. I got major questions about the Red Sox. I think they were the only one Ninety-six. I mean, that's twelve games less than last year. That's right now, I said this last year about the dodgers, and I was wrong. And I was right. It was a combo. He said they weren't going to be any good. And then you turned out to be wrong later right out there. I made two points about the dodgers. I said I don't think they're gonna win the division. I don't think they're gonna be very good wrong about that. But I said hit that under right about that. I kind of feel similarly to the Red Sox this year where I don't think it'd be bad playoff team in the playoffs because of the nature of the American League. Yeah. I think they're going to win the first or second wildcard, they could do it. At eighty nine wins is eighty nine wins a bad year. No. That's that's twenty wins less. Yes. So right. So he's had a bad year. All depends. How far they go. I don't know. Nine games and went to the world's won the World Series. Again. What does it matter? They're in the wild card game. And they're going to Minnesota. That's that's where they end up. Is that a good? Yeah. I guess you're right. Win the game. If that's what happens and they lose to the twins. Now wasn't a good year. I'm not ready to make that prediction. Yeah. Only ready to say, I think the Red Sox are only gonna win eight nine games despite the Yankee issues, I think they should win this division. They should I'm with you, Dan, Manhattan, Dan. Hey, Columbine, levian bell. I don't understand why people are subsets with Levy. I'm belt if the patriots have taught us nothing that you need to know line. And you know, you can put in any running back. Of the patients can put in any offensive linemen, and it wouldn't matter because it's ballot check and it's a different world than everybody else. Let's keep that in mind. Okay. But what about saquon Barkley? He was a an exceptional talent. And they won like five games. I more than. More than you need more. Yeah. No one's saying. The giant defense was horrendous. Offensive line got better as the year went on. I mean, you know, I don't compare to patriots to anything normal. No. I mean, there's not the normal. It's a fair point. But it's it's similar to saying. Why would I want to go get my trout? Well, how many games of the angels one? You still want him on your team? Now bills not my travel on those a very good football player. And if he put up the numbers he put up in two thousand seventeen when he went for thirteen hundred yards and he got in the end zone nine times rushing and a couple of times receiving an eighty five ninety catches. Yes. You need other things. Yes. The offensive line needs to be improved which I think they just did by the trade. They made for assembly. Do they need to improve their defense and get a passer? Absolutely. But don't discount on bell. Just because well you need more than a running back. Of course. Back in the the patriots is throw that out the window. I don't get it doesn't matter. What a guy is. And what the position is when it's not quarterback. Everybody excels for the patriots. Everybody and Trent Brown is a great example, the raiders just sixty six million now, he's back the reality. Let's see what he does. It's a great question. It's a great question because Trent Brown was a seventh round pick by the San Francisco forty Niners. He had played one full season. Right. And then he ends up with the patriots last year has a very good year. And look at the day. He just got. That's why I'm scared of Trey flowers. I gotta tell you because I don't know Trey flowers as great with the bad. So I don't know how good he's going to be anywhere else. Yeah. He scares me. One thing I noticed about Trent Brown. I was looking over a little bit. Is that not physically just meeting about we understand he committed eleven penalties with the Niners in two thousand sixteen already committed five done would be amazing. Well, not quite is the patriots cut in half though Bailey because they're really really really well coached. Yes. Page slightly. Yeah. Brian in Rockville centre, Ryan, how are you? And gentleman. Hawaii Brian has everything wonderful. I wanna get my take on the, you know, the wilpon fell into fate. Joe Wade hunter could play offensive line and stop. Glad to glad Dukakis. Colby. Let me just say quick if there's one thing all of the teams I cheer for having common. Whatever they play the game a game on a night where they have a commemoration whether it be a player or chip ship. Whatever horribly. The point Saturday night felt Dory. I yeah. Bill. So. His tie completely fell off. It was just a Scott. Just the prepare you where the jets have their commemoration, but a sixty nine Super Bowl that one last year actually won the game was a game against the colts. You. Actually one. Basically, just then then the jets won only one more game. One more game. All right now with the with wilpon it though now with well part. I it's about you know, what? Got a statue. But of course, you got to forget about the part that I took the poor guy. To get the statue up. I've heard horror stories of people out of matter. But you know, what medical deserves it? Now, he's wanted the Bronx, but as far stolen ghost. I'm not defending Babe Ruth. Whatever you walkway outside does. Right. That's true. But as far stolen ghost. Let's get out of any fast. I wanna get your take on. This is one thing about stolen. He has brought in guys that on paper had good resumes. He brought it he brought it Carmelo he brought in Lenny Wilkins, a two-time hall of Famer Larry brownie fail. Even let's bring Phil bringing up Phil guy. I. But again on paper could resume he has choice fail. But he what's your take on that? Well, again, look part of the problem with all in is. This is the structure of the NBA is the salary cap situation of the NBA that's part of the issue there. You can't just spend spend you say spending can cause major damage. Yes. Which a lot of those moves did I think the problem is been and maybe not recently. This is a part of why we've actually complemented James don't over the last couple of years is it felt like he wasn't budding out completely would hire these guys and still be involved. Even though it's denied to this day. We've all heard the talk around the Carmelo Anthony trade that there was lead involvement to push that deal. Right. Whether it's true or not, I don't know because I don't find the garden that believable. So when they say something, I'm not going to be there. Right. I don't find. We were planning the senior statue for awhile believable. No, well, it's kind of a credibility issue..

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