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And mitchell both had eighteen carries for one hundred and seventy one hundred and seven yards and one touchdown. That's pretty amazing. How much you buy an ally. Mitchell rb to moving forward. He's the starting running back in a in a kyle shanahan offense and they've basically shown no interest in using anyone else. Really trae sermon. I think played to snaps in week. Six to michael hasty got three carries today sermon. I don't even know if he got on the field. I think that a situation where logical mitchell is. As long as he's healthy he's going to be the lead back in that should mean fairly efficient production and a decent chance of scoring a touchdown. I don't think he'll be an rb one at any point moving forward. I mean he'll have rb one weeks but he's not really involved in the passing game. So he's going to be a little touchdown dependent. But like i i would rather have larger mitchell than damian harris. Moving forward yeah. they're right. There are similar in that hersh. I agree i think mitchell's in a better running game. Yeah and i'm just you know. He's a forty niners running back and they always get hurt. So i know it doesn't so then they also have type. He's a forty niners running back in that he's really fast and pretty small and so you know if he gets twenty carries a game you you have to think at some point. He's going to break down. That's been the way it worked for pretty much. Everybody who's been in that situation. But jeff wilson's not coming back for i would think at least a month So allies mitchell's got some runway. Here okay and then as far as deebo samuel goes. I think we gotta just if anyone is still doubting him stop it. You had another hundred yard game. He's eight or more targets in every game and he's had a pretty easy schedule if you look at it. His four big games. They've been against detroit philadelphia seattle and the colts. Philadelphia's actually been good against wide receivers. But he's done well against pretty easy competition so there is that but he still has a super hard schedule going forward but i think the only thing that could slow him down as trae lance. Do you agree with that. Yeah i think that's probably true. I mean i guess if brandon. I you ever start playing better but i don't necessarily know if that's something. We can rely on at this point because he is playing a decent role. I think it's seventy two percent of the snaps or seventy two percent of the pass routes over the last four games. So it's not like i used to not out on the field. No i think samuel probably has to be viewed as a eight top six wide receiver. Moving forward to target rate has been. Oh man that is so high. i know. but he's got a kid as you're coming into the middle has been out. I look fifteen. Yeah top eight. I can't you can't name eight wide receivers you'd rather have in deebo samuel especially with a quarterback change potentially looming. Try it. okay. So i think we can do this right. So there's the whole list of wide receivers have been better than him. Get cooper cup. Yup yep.

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