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Staff and then word came that anthony scaramucci was out as director of communications cbs news want us wanted steven portnoy at the white house were told the president found anthony scaramucci profanity laced screed against then chief of staff reince priebus inappropriate for someone serving as communications director press secretary sarah sanders says the president also wanted to avoid any confusion over who is really in charge now he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession sanders says new chief of staff john kelly is now atop the pecking order that all staff will report to him steven portnoy cbs news the white house financial sanctions have been slapped on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro by the united states treasury secretary steven mnuchin yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm that madero is it dictator who disregards the will of the venezuelan people sanctions freeze on assets maduro may have in the us and prevent americans from doing business with him in arizona former miracle county sheriff joe arpaio has been convicted of a federal crime convened a contempt of court rather for refusing to stop traffic patrols that targeted emigrants cbs news senior legal analyst andrew cohen says a white house has probably following this case i wouldn't be surprised if this ruling general it's a response from the president with whom are pyo has long been closed in fact there was some talk that he would join the trump campaign or even the administration in some capacity that's an idea that probably is dead for good now in the wake of this ruling in the sense that will follow it our pyo says he will appeal tropical depression emily's slicing across florida right now is put eighteen thousand customers in the dark triggering drenching rains governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency on thirty one counties to six inches have already fallen another two to four inches is expected today for west central and south west florida advice to those in floodprone zones remember turnaround don't drowned on emily is expected to weaken as it reaches the.

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