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Downtown Saint Louis Chris ruby and Joe pop with you and say hello to calm calling for the game plan I think they could pack any more excitement in the next couple of days tallied got the cubs in down the trade deadline tomorrow to first place teams that is a good time right now I'd say what it's always good when you're getting and August you're getting close to September and you're there you know you have a chance guys are excited showing up the field every day knowing that the what what the next few months are gonna gonna have ahead of them and the fact that they're in it they're competing for every game is so important is going to be used tile regardless of the situation first place trade deadline all that good stuff it's a Cup series there's a different feel to a cardinals cubs series is in there yeah there is I mean it back when I was playing I remember my first year in two thousand eight R. wait to have that first card codes interaction it's just that there's a buzz in the stadium there's a buzz from the from the workers from the ushers mind you feel as a player when you're down and you can feel you feel the crowd during batting practice all that it's just that it's a little bit bigger it's not like your plan the Marlins you know in the middle of the week it if the cardinals and cubs doesn't matter if you're in it or if the cubs are way out of it or cardinals are way out of it it's always exciting and and it just happened that the you can not here for first place to just add the holo excitement yeah they're in it and we already saw a couple weeks ago how big these divisional games are the cardinals really putting some distance between themselves the top of the division and the pirates in red so you've got head to head match ups with the cubs down the stretch the cubs team that you know hasn't been very good on the road this year in fact no team is one on the road in the season series so far this year so three more big opportunities for the cardinals yeah and and Chris you've heard me say this quite a bit up to this point is don't get consumed with every game and that you know there's gonna be games or yourself quite well and you're gonna get beat try to win each series if you can continue to star winning this from here on out you can't you're gonna start to see those add up in in that distance put between your if you if you're you know playing five honey when when you lose when you when when you lose one the that that's not going to really help you gotta start put together winning sincere this can consecutive and after they've done quickly all print at the all star break they've gone out there and they've just been you know I've got one at a going out of Houston was a little slip up so how to respond to that come out here when this big series and then go to the next one don't get don't worry about every game if you lose the game it's not a big deal just try to win the series and that's specifically true for this stretch that they're in isn't a cow because they're going to play the cubs now they're going to go on the road nothing so Clinton then of course are going to face a very good LA Dodgers see yeah this is a test drive to their of their other schedule unfortunately they weren't able to capitalize on kind of a week schedule leading into the all star break they they play that you know not very well but this this is gonna custom here we we saw test in Houston Houston came and they are very very good team and they gave it to the card a little bit so they're gonna have to step up here again good quality team because they missed that opportunity leading in the all star break again that that we're not very good Adam when right on the mound tonight child to take on the cubs he's obviously very familiar with the cubs pitches well against the cubs and and just something about when riding in big games and and big time opponents ready picked is great at Wrigley but an opportunity now after and outing that didn't maybe go as he would have expected last week to get back on the mound against the first place team yeah in the last couple that haven't been as good as we've seen all year so I'm I'm excited to see how he goes out in a big game set the tone for the series against the team that he traditionally pages well again and see how he goes up handle that the adjustment to make gotta get that fastball location back that's kinda left him your last you start indicted badly damaged he's gonna struggled a lot there thanks to get back let's see what he does early on that first inning that second any is becoming out their commanding the strike zone in able to hit a spot on both sides of the plate it's a cardinal sin Cup series first place on the line we appreciate it is always the game plan brought to us by step up an official partner thing was cardinals nine men enjoyed tonight we'll talk to you tomorrow with the trade deadline in the rear view mirror all right I look forward to it thank god cardinals have already made a pair of moves to bolster their left handed bullpen depth we'll get to those in a moment they also made a move yesterday to sentirse invader to triple A. Memphis lane Thomas recalls cardinals general manager Mike Kirch he.

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