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Misinterpreted the service W. C. B. M. Baltimore most of the thunderstorms over West Virginia tonight upper level low pressure given some great weather tonight in the sixties and a pop up store thunder showers possible for Friday Saturday and Sunday click the heaviest rains will be Friday afternoon and also Saturday afternoon high temps in the eighties and I was there seventy degrees pretty decent shot at work under storms through the weekend and into next week for us temperatures in the low nineties long range really actually I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel on talk radio six eighty WCBS the WCB I'm studios are brought to you by safe retirement solutions call rob burrow we four one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot com the views and opinions you hear on talk radio six eighty W. C. B. M. at W. C. B. M. dot com are not necessarily those of the owners management employers and advertisers of W. CDM but they should be stay tuned for more command right after the book section show on talk radio six eighty WCBS disseminating information the mobile intelligence make no mistake this is the box sixteen show former CIA analyst yes our research team I was going to tell you the story of a Washington post piece on how someone Lori and offensive costume to a party I think it was two years ago and now that person is the subject of a story and and there has been they've been fired two years later not a public person but fired from her job as a government contractor I want to go into some detail that story tomorrow I also and this is a big story in The Washington Post actions a.

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