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We also host this podcast called inside Conan. We really try to keep things concentric and our lives which I haven't Conan Duvet cover. Wow I did not go so we are here with you this week. It's it's on the eve of the team Cocoa House right who are which is a a big city wide comedy festival. Basically I think it's ten cities and team COCO is I will say lazily taking over the club. Yeah there's slapping their name on it. some stickers handing out stickers possibly pins if if they're really splurging on the High Ryan and they've booked all these really great comics and they're all people in the Conan family right performed on the show Joe or maybe right for the show in some cases right right or a length CONAN money you the old. There's all different avenues to cocoa house us. Yes that's coming up this weekend and to help celebrate that yes and get the word out although. I think it's it's already sold out but maybe you could will to get the word ticket the next one. We have a very special guest. Today we do She's a comic who's performing in. La at the Hollywood Improv Jena Friedman Hodge A hi. Thanks for having me thank you sir. You're welcome to inside Coenen. Have you ever wanted to go inside. CONAN metaphorical level shirt any level full that on a metaphorical I mean Conan the legend a living legend. We're diligent alleged covers. This isn't going to get back to him by the way he doesn't listen to this. I don't say anything you want road. I mean to say okay good. Good good good and welcome to Los Angeles Yeah. You're a New Yorker thank you. I do identifies a New Yorker wearing all blacks. This is like blackish grey. This is kind of like on a day yeah and we're wearing red headsets and you're like no. I brought my own black heads which I I got doing a podcast ones. That probably could happen. I probably could will so you did you now now. I made it up. I mean I got that but it also is something I could see people starting to carry around their own headphones because there's so many pod form right and so many people that something's going to catch some of it's some of the podcast just riffraff coming in off the street so yeah. You don't know you're going to get soon people. You'll probably get your own headsets like for your birthday and yes be expected to start podcasting casting second-grade. Little Mike podcast starter kit for kids like an easy bake oven instead of Karaoke they can talk to an old Marc Maron podcast. I don't own PODCASTS E. Oh that's cute yes and marketable. Oh aw copyright it right here on the cover. Kevin's doing it right now whoops too late so Jenna you who had an incredible set on Conan a few weeks ago Cole I'm glad you have you gotten good feedback. I have gotten good feedback. I mean I read all the comments people wonder. Why do I read all of that. Oh No are you do I do. I have like a hypercritical Jewish mother so it just feels like a hug comment. She's like an insight. She writes for sells her hobby. That's how she makes money so she set you up to be open to criticism completely. Wow that's a good skill think so and your audience ultimately earliest critic you know and I love that set and I knew that it was going to be a little too dark for the room but then it did have like a second life online which I appreciate it and I think yeah it really. He was kind of directed. I'm glad it felt a little more universal but it really was speaking to like a specific audience of like you know women yeah and so you know I also think it's interesting when people expect that comedy has to be certain people not to name names but just exp- a certain demographic just expects it like comedy just has to be for them and I think that's with all the platforms now like you're getting to see so much comedy and some on things are for you. Some things are for someone else. Yeah I think that's great and you know a Lotta Comex. Don't even like our judgmental about comics who do stuff different from them. It's like Oh. That's you know what they're doing some cool. It's ridiculous. What they're doing is the only way right and should I like that. There's all obviously all a great great variety of types of comedy but I think the point you're making his great. I remember reading in and Tina Phase autobiography that there were sketches they'd pitch for us and elwyn Myers was the head writer and and like the men in the room would just not get it and that was why they didn't laugh. It wasn't because it wasn't funny. They didn't understand the premise of it so it was like that really really opened up for me. Oh sometimes people aren't laughing not because they hate this material but just because it doesn't they don't really understand it. Yeah we have this idea. That comedy is universal but it's a lot more like it's not like what's funny. It's like what's funny. You like. It's a little bit more my favorite comedy at least I think like like slapstick and broad comedy is more universal yeah but I like kind of specific comedy. Even if it's not specifically for me I kinda like seeing something. That's a little bit more specific but it also is. I mean you know true. You're set was about true crime and the like the dearth of or not dearth the wealth of podcasts and to cut that part short. I had like twenty others that I was. GonNa those are real. They're all real. Oh really no. The only one I made up was the this American death because that was the joke was. It's going to be my podcast. Yeah so the down South One Israel what was then fried true crime God. That's a real one white wine and crime was out one wine and crime white wine raise. He's do you listen to a lot of I mean I went. I went on a road trip couple months ago and my boyfriend in and I listened to a bunch of them because it was just like such you know you're in a car for thirty hours and so we listen to dirty John and Dr Dan and Oh man in the window is so scary. I had to stop listening because it was just it's like about the golden state killer and it's just too scary okay I didn't. I haven't heard that one. That's what it's about that yeah I listen to. I think a different golden state killer cast this'll scary and then it's like they're all these economies and there's there's like a comic con for Comecon but like a murder Kahn or whatever there's all going into it and it's it makes me wonder like take it. How ethical is it you know and in some like it's easy to just kind of criticized it which I think I do but I also it. Does I read one article article. I think it was in the Washington Post about how it does like. Give you know the family of victims kind of sense of hope and keeping being their stories alive and when they can actually track down killers. It's like an immense sense of justice but then you also kind of wonder like as we fetish is it and housing market it is it like conspiring copycats just like our national obsession with like dead white women like how is that it's a longer conversation but I have this hour our show called miscarriage of justice and I kind of try to think about like how you know. Does it make it harder for us to see like a woman in the White House 'cause like every woman on TV. He is dead and in like soft focus and you know with. There's always those slow push photos where you're like. Oh No I know she's GonNa die by the is that a live show miscarriage of justice yeah I did it. I just did it in the Edinburgh. Fringe the crime segment actually was part part is part of that show. Oh cool yeah so. It's like this our show that I developed in August at the Edinburgh fringe and about all this kind of stuff. Do you perform in in Europe. just that like you've been at Edinburgh before. Is that your times in Europe or have you performed like in London Yeah. I've done a bunch of stuff in London. I was in Dublin and Kilkenny Ireland this past summer and then Edinburgh as Steph and like Paris and Berlin. I like I mean when it's in those countries like you're performing for like an ex pat audience a lot of times people speak English was wondering how because you do a lot of political comedy and does that translate translates more in the UK. Let's we thought you might have had it in Europe yeah but not as much like in you know Um and Europe in Germany. I remember doing a show in Berlin and it was like the English speaking night at a Kookaburra comedy club and the German audiences would just like laugh because they wanted everyone at their table to think they spoke English speaker just pause and they would like laugh when you paused. I would take it after Li- Germans aren't known for being good lesson. Ah Imagining Cabaret right like you're in that room while we're there. You don't have to imagine what a Washington. DC right now so in New York where where do you what kind of venues to performance anywhere that will have me. I love the comedy store or sorry the Comedy Cellar ooh sorry S. Comedy Cellar in New York but also there's like such a very healthy alt- seen in their tons of rooms. That's all the time and you know Brooklyn and the city and Queens. Have you been performed Stanton island yeah but there's so many faces Chris I know so just wherever but the one of the best clubs in the world I would say is the comedy Cellar Yeah Sellers Yeah Great and it I used to. I don't know if it's so does it get people from all a lot of people from Europe and all over the world well. It's that combination of like. It gets tourists but they're hip. It's like so a lot of other clubs sometimes times. You'll end up getting like a tourist audience. You don't know how if they even really speak English along with. They've seen comedy before but the seller still manages to be a club job and have an audience that is like primed for comedy and you can. I mean they don't like it's not like it's not as cool as performing in you know. Mike a Random little show in Brooklyn where you can take risks and stuff. They kind of want you to do your best material. Nadia is still pretty hip. Surprisingly I certainly that's good yeah yeah. I guess you don't do a lot of Jersey bar gigs. I'm guessing I mean I started. I used I start in Chicago and I ah clubs. I did start like doing a lot of clubs. Drink minimum close yeah and I think that I don't know I..

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