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Now, this is one of the bigger ones all happening at the same time but there are literally hundreds of these groups that have hundreds of children that are anywhere from say five to seventeen or eighteen they even take them as much older at as teenagers just depends on on the pedophile it sick. But. Now, there's been a lot going on in the last two years or three years we're not getting out of the mainstream news. A lot of these organizations are being taken around are taken down from around the world the sexual trafficking rings. And Yeah it's it's. Coming along it's Let's just say that there's still a lot more that needs to be done. That's why we need you to subscribe to the album podcast. Make sure that you're always informed of what's going on and if we have a live missing person, if you're in that area, you will be able to search. You can look you can find this person hopefully within the first hour of them being uploaded onto the owl APP. So we also obviously want you to download that and that should be done I as downloading the phone APP for IOS or Android, and to set it and forget it but God forbid something happens to yourself family members or Know, any anybody that you know even with friends that have elderly parents may be with Alzheimer's or you know that they also tend to. Go missing from these homes to solve. It depends on how good of a home at the ranch some some of these homes are horribly Ron. And they don't really keep counter watch over people and people tend to wander off and it happens a lot more often than than you would think. So. Please make sure and hit the five star. Button for us for Apple, which is the most important. So it does help with the algorithms and for apple to start to suggest the podcast and it is starting to actually do that I. saw it the other day it was starting to suggest the owls will once was lost podcast. So that was phenomenal to see. We've started with a few people on Patriot already we didn't even ask. So we are asking though now, and if you've noticed, we haven't even brought up the issue, but you know this, this APP was built by By Nick. Conway using his own funds and you know there's it's there's there's no sponsors advertisements on it. Nobody's making any money from that. So we want it to grow even further. That's the whole point you know if you look at map on the application itself, you can constantly see almost every day New.

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