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Here's Jacob Wilkins and David underway for week eight of this NFL Sunday. And both the giants or jets are playing in the one o'clock windows starting with the jets were scoreless with the bears. No score. Just under eight minutes to play in the first quarter as Sam darnold under center for second possession of the game. This after the bears. Cody parkey missed a forty or field goal hence still zero zero. Meanwhile, the giants and Redskins are also scoreless sat MetLife. Eight twenty one to go in the first quarter. Giants trying to snap a four game losing streak at one and six around the NFL ravens already on the board with the touchdown seven nothing lead the Panthers in Charlotte. It's the bucks and Bengals no score in Cincinnati. Just underway there and the Seahawks and lions no scores. Seven twenty eight to go in Detroit in a battle of three and three teams changed at home Homer trailing six nothing against the Broncos seven forty to go in the first quarter at Arrowhead, and it's the Browns. You're ahead of the Steelers in Pittsburgh, three two. Nothing. Just over nine minutes to go in the first quarter later a big game between the Packers and the seven zero Rams in Los Angeles colts take on the raiders in Oakland. Niners and cardinals from Arizona Sunday night game the saints and Vikings in a soda. Meanwhile, multiple reports say the Mets have agreed to terms with CA agent Brodie van wagon and to become their next GM. And we'll introduce this week wants the World Series ends tonight in Los Angeles game five of the World Series between the Red Sox. Dodgers Boston After their comeback winning game. Four with three one series lead looking to close things out L A trying to get to a game six in Boston while in the NBA the Cavs firing head coach Tyler after the team got six start they'd been in the finals last year with LeBron.

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