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Career that move from that more technical marketing roles into product marketing into other areas of marketing in. Oh my gosh. It's crazy how you just kind of fall into it and then love it right absolutely. I disliked everything about it so this and now you're at Solis. Yeah, and what do they do? So. Is. Deep in the text stacks, so we're middleware technology, so what we do is we move data, so there's Davis store data analytics analyzed data, and then there's this whole world of technologies that move around, so that's that's the area that we play this data. Let's face. Okay Wow. That's a Latte. That's a lot, so do you have a team that you work with I do I have two teams I have a team that does business development, and then I have a team. That does the core excited there. I have advance team a digital marketing team, the team that does kind of core, creative and marketing communications that apart PARKE'S T. Oh, okay, so you have a lot. kind of balls juggling all at one time. Yeah, we're talking. We have people in. Field Marketing in different countries, so we're global company we operate. Only only about forty percent of businesses in North America a really. Where's the rest of it? Thirty percent in Europe and the UK and then another three percent is in Asia, Pacific mostly in. Singapore Hong Kong. China India Australia New Zealand. Australia, they got big spiders and snakes that there. I heard a feudal and people. Tell me all the time. It's beautiful I'm like yeah, but they got like spiders. That can bite you saw. Unlike here in North America right. You don't have any. So when you are working with those teams so lot of times if I'm working with the team that's overseas. There's always the conflict of. Timing which I wanted to make sure of course with your schedule and then. This whole communication, so you guys must be very familiar with Zoom Microsoft and this. This wasn't a hard adjustment. Now. It really wasn't any we. We've always used videoconferencing as some sort, but now Wednesday. Judgment is at fraud. Local things that we used to do face to face were now doing the launch. teams mostly. Okay, that's our. That's our seems to be the go-to for a lot of people. I think for companies that are deep into Microsoft. So we have the Microsoft stack already It's just an easy. Secure an integrated into what we do so simple. Sabinas a young. People, I think it's user friendly to down. There but Zuma set you get to see everybody in the gory. That's true. Microsoft just added the ability to do three by three of before that you could only see four people at a time, so a little bit dizzying sometimes when he had a lot of people on call because sliver speaking with pop up and. Pop Away. ZILLY secrecy everybody. Tough and you could read their faceless than. You never know the people that were onscreen what they were thinking so? So, tell me how has this whole craziness of covid affected? Let's go with. Your company I. Yeah from the company perspective, it has presented us with a call headwind so now we're not in a position where it's been. Our business has gone to zero. You know that were very fortunate. That way from accompanied respected, everybody cannot read online so the transition to work from homeless. Very painless from a operational perspective. It has been painful for pupil who have kids that are young. That are not in school the most they're the ones that are having the most difficult time because. The the care centers are closed and Nannies can't come work in the home and things like that, so they're really. You know that's really hard. The have school age. Kids of course I'm sure it's similar where you are. The school systems were online in virtual. The teachers also have kids, so their ability to teach depended on their own family situation, so everybody have different struck solicited, certainly wasn't business as usual, but we were able to transact. Do Everything you normally do. When we were working at in terms of our company's business, because global to when the Asia Pacific Harvard business was starting to really slowdown. At Europe in north. America were still strong and then when you're shutting down in an. American shutting down Pacific starting to open up a little bit, so that helped. That's helped out, but yeah, if we're facing now, businesses challenging right now. Everywhere think. But you didn't have to unfortunately lay anybody off for you. Guys held strong. We held strong. Did everything we could not link? People offer that's awesome. Awesome. So in your team. How do you have a lot of women? I. Do I do a lot of jobs? Women have. Incredible team of women around the world Well that's great, so lots of women. We like that we'd like to hear that. Okay now for. The switch. Your Life. How did the Saul. Moving shake you around. You know I actually have very interesting silver lining to this because I have university Kent's. Home. And they're not able to find work. They've picking that level jobs here, narrow or volunteering here and there. But usually when they home from university. Always out with their friends, so we've actually been able to send some related. Family talk so that for me in an unexpected silver lining at all. University is our high school, right? What's the university eight? What's the university as at College? All Sorry Guess College Avenue. In Canada you university so. You would only would say Harvard University because it has grabbed programs in candidates, no distinction so if it's a postgraduate host high school, it's considered university. A college for us is what you call community, college or University non. Okay. Okay like community, Okay and then. College College is university. Okay, that's right. Yeah, so your kid. How many kids do you have? I have two days and they both go to the university where you live. No one of them is in a university, a couple of hours away in A. City called Kingston Ontario at Queen's University and the other one goes to university in the US in Rhode Island at Providence College and he's there on NCAA scholarship. For Hockey all right? What kind of hockey team they it that Rhode Island School? They haven't Division One. Really good hockey team. I'm going to have to look them up. so, did he. He came home then when all of this happens. They had to yeah, they were all their. Toll to leave and it was pretty sudden. Actually everything happened very quickly. Oh, man, that stinks so. Must have some athletes going on in that family? Yeah, we. Well you said you played basketball I did. She played basketball at the university. But, it's got to university unfortunately, my. Was So shot and. I just decided that I would focus on my engineering. Geophysicist. Both came home and. Well just out of curiosity, what is what are the horrible? Thanks? Your son says about the United. States 'cause. There's gotta be a lot of. What Both my kids were born in the US because we lived in Boston for six years..

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