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Want to describe the castle. You can't do a much better job. I don't you. Will you know her. So many years i heard about it and it it's in legends and stories to everyone's heard of it. It was just such an extraordinary experience to be there. you know. well it's not the kind of castle like a cinderella fairy tale castles. You'll find all over ireland. It's one of those square. Norman towers and with practically no windows and they were built by the normans as fortresses to be able to keep a stave off any invaders that might want to take over. And so you go inside and And you guys went walked ahead. It's about a good block that you walk on the grassy state And you can even go right into the castle or left into their gardens and We stayed behind for about a half hour with the fellow from that work there and when we were done we packed up our recording equipment and we were walking along and just as we got to the castle. The two of you came out and sister. Catherine was holding a brown paper bag hands like nine by twelve inch paper bag waving in the air saying i kissed the blarney stone i kissed the blarney stone so you were there. Can you explain what happened between. I'm not kissing the blarney stone. And i kissed the blarney stone. I i think she got I think she realized i have to do it. I have to do. i must do it. I'm in ireland. i've probably won't be back. This is i can't return from ireland and say no. I didn't kiss it sh- and she we just quitely talk to her and then she said well i'll try it and when she finished she was walking on air. As you said. I and i remember pulling that out and showing it to you i just line is shown i kissed the blarney stone and i understand that. She had two things as i recall. She got to see other people doing it and she saw this could be done without without losing your modesty with somebody looking up your skirt and she also got great encouragement and instruction from fellow. That worked there. Who you know you. Just don't go up and kiss it and walk away. There's somebody there that assist in that process. And i'm sure that guy has had busloads of nuns before by so he was quite conversant. I dunno it just reminds me of the taxi driver in washington. Dc the ever do a trade show or stand at an exhibit at a fair explaining things to somebody. If you stay in long enough at the table or booth of your where you're supposed to be the lower part of your back but comes a completely numb band about six inches wide across the whole of your back. Everyone in my audience that's ever done. A trade show knows exactly what i'm talking about and i was in washington. Dc doing show with the international franchise association. And we just left the show and i felt paralyzed literally. The my lower back was killing me and we called the taxi. You stopped and i went to get in and there was no way i was getting in the taxi. So anybody's ever experienced back. Pain knows getting in and out of a car is There's a technique and a talent for it. But i didn't know what it was because this never happened to me before and the taxi driver showed me what to do so while we're on that subject if it ever happens to you turnaround as so that. Your back is facing the seats in the car. Then bend your knees until your head bend your knees bend your head bump it your head will clear the doorway and then just push yourself backwards and you're in and then we drove to A pharmacy and got me pills to relief of pain but it was a taxi driver from all his experience when people with back pain. Who are traveling Who taught me how to do this. And it was the fellow at the top of pointy castle at all his experience who is able to instruct sister catherine out to safely and modestly kissed the blarney stone and she was so proud and was so happy to have a photo of it to take home. I mean that was hot. Yes she was yes she was and she still has that in her room house home. Very sweet i remember. We all had a good laugh about that. Not at not at her expense. Never i never knew she had to do it. We know about that until it turned around and she actually did it. That was the only negative commentary that came from sister catherine that entire trip. I mean you wanna talk the most positive just optimistic. Wonderful wonderful woman. I hope when you do speak with her you give her very best. Where did take a quick break. I'll be right back We've had katherine jarvis kathleen jarvis talking with us about her trip to ireland and when we do come back i want you to be thinking about places in ireland that you think my audience or put on their list of must visit places And maybe we could talk about knock shrine a bit more because I don't think many people even think about knock shrine and that's part of ireland. That whole galway mayo. Donegal stretch is exquisite. It's my favourite part of ireland. So we and you know what a tough stretch. It is for me to come up with favorite parts. But when i buy my castle by the sea and my we cottage by the sea in ireland they will be either in clare county clare county. Galway county mayo or county donegal. That whole stretch is.

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