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I wanna know why is it. What is the media defense about. Because if i had no idea like help me. There's a difference. I think there's a difference that we should have a conversation. But i'm trying to think about who we can have on the show to really unpack this or maybe i just need to get myself together. Really like cleaning it out. I listen i think we just we just get ourselves together planet off through a quick trash talking but i think it's something worth expounding on. We already talked about talking. You know opening up the conversation about color ism and how that displays itself in many ways jaba talked about white supremacy and how it displays in many ways and i think that this is a conversation definitely worth Going into more depth. About michelle to you cheryl. Because i would have knocked the block of her. I just wanna check on her as her as anybody checked. And we're projects feel like this is a time where we need to be wrapping our arms around cheryl and making sure that she good because backs. What because everybody crazy yes. I was literally at me. My hands got high watched it. My hands were literally the palm of my hands. Were burning because i wanted to slap somebody that there was just like the like literally dog walker like you just literally won't put her on a leash and walker as because you're you're sitting there waiting this lady. She talked to cheryl like the help sh. That's what she thinks. That's how quick absolutely reflected how she do quickly tables turned. Oh did you see how inched wish she felt threatened. It became you work for me. And she and she told cheryl s the a. You better not live deserve to cry. I only deserve i mean. Is that not the literal demonstration of dehumanisation. You tell right told that woman that her emotions are not valid. You don't give a crap about what she you better not cry you dumb bitch about i literally fucking flick your ducts right now. You better not so now. You can tell me what to do with my face with my tears with my emotions. You don't get the police there. You don't get to tell me that. I would have flood the room with my tears i said. Are you crazy. That's the kinda they don't even our humanity into to the extent where our motions matter. We're not even seen as people who went under attack have emotional response that that is valid. It's okay for you to be emotional.

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