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And at you're not you, you're always think you're going to be good right for the you know, you're not you don't think about injuries. You think you're Austria, you're going to be able to put rock players together. And I think this is a little different in our, you know, in, you know, we didn't have Anthony. Kevin garnett. Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. I mean, they gotta Anthony Davis for at least for the next, you know this year and probably five more years here. One of my favorite things about that trade that nobody remembers was the contract that he. Keep bogans got a free money, right? And didn't what was what was was Kris Humphries? They'll you signed him with, with the hope that you could train them. We he'd already been signed. What was was two years twenty four million? Right. Which was an overpay right for yes, while we tried doing we tried doing it the year before nobody would take them. It was one year for twelve million, and we did it again for like two years. Two years, any twenty two years, twenty four million and yet keep poses was to make the money work. He was he was a science trade and got five million dollars. And then do anything five million that the all time, great sign and trade, though, was Keith Van horn. And they changed the rule. Right. They change the rule. But what trade was that, Bobby that was the Jason Kidd trade of, of two thousand two thousand eight we trade kids Dallas, and we wind up getting. Kevin Harris in and to make the money work. We took back Keith Van horn..

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