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To best serve your clients and for everybody? It's going to be a little bit different but to be transparent on to make sure your clients are understanding the things that you're saying that you're really digging into find out their goal so you can help them accomplish it in sometimes. It means them some stuff. They don't WanNa hear No you cannot go on a vacation. In twelve months time You can't afford it if you want to hear some ways that maybe you can get there but sometimes it requires hard conversations and in my experience when you do that in your honest with people and you show them the way They have a lot of respect for you. May Not like what you're saying But they're gonNA view to be credible in they're gonNA keep coming back and they're gonNA send you referrals as well this Absolutely correct if you're talking to a consumer and maybe a friend deals around finding Tips would you give to that friend about how they should choose? Punch the positive or sheriff says just like saying about the whole industry there. Is Somebody out there for everyone. So you do need to shop around almost like you're dating to find this financial adviser because you don't want someone that you feel is condescending to you you don't want someone who's just eking acronyms that you can understand you want them to take a genuine interest in you end to find that person you've got to go and meet a few of them a certainly. I would have people that I would know. Would be a better fits depending on who it is but it is very personal in what you. WanNa the relationship In the final thing is to make sure that my friend knows. They've got to be accountable. They're not delegating now. All responsibility to that financial planner or advisor and they've gotta take ownership for this situation review. The results meet with them regularly. If they don't like what they're seeing ask questions and if they need to switch so they still need to be in charge. Independent paneled eleven. Tell us you tell us about your journey to go back in time and do I but what What would you go? What tips would you give to yourself? I would be more confidence earlier. I would be whining. I certainly would take more risk because I had a pretty like Steady corporate career lots of movement. Lots of jobs but I started my business earlier if I'd taken a risk earlier I took the opportunity when it happened to me and when I was in a position to do it but I could have made that change earlier and not that I necessarily be in a different place right now but who knows knows what would be happening. There are nothing but Do It on your terms rather than having a big. Does it tell tell similar? Continue this conversation. Obesity cannot find a look out the podcast and and asked if I get in contact with so the best place Send me a message on linked in. I love to hear from people. I'm so happy to have a Chad..

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