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I did see some reference that this organization got involved in drugs. they'd A little bit later on and One of the bernstein since particular raymond. Burr bernstein feels see pictures of him. He's got dark dark rings under his eyes. Almost everything you see. Although i haven't seen any direct documentation around enough junkies and people to know what the luckiest you know. He had that that look so believe he was hooked on it and his brother almost got shot to death by one of their one of his own people who was a opium dealer and probably dealt with heroin too but you know opium. Smoking opium was is that while they did and Most of them on two of the brothers got involves With the fisticuffs pretty well and Were always and beat up of people. Ray bernstein and Jeez and joe bernstein. But joe took a bullet in the gut from an opium dealer almost died so he took a step back from the business. the street end of the business but he was the most entrepreneurially athlon word gifted of the brothers and he was the real business man and he was involved in some interesting things in The clare mount pleasant area oil leases and whatnot. This was after the gang imploded. Nineteen thirty three by nineteen thirty five. They were a former purple gang numbers. But the gang had imploded engaged in what some historians have referred to as the bootleg wars. Yeah that'd be michigan bootleg wars. I don't know if that happened. National asam it did there nineteen thirty. I believe it was maybe thirty one. When there were two mafia factions. John they call the the italian cross town. I believe was the label over thirty people. Mostly italian but a couple of purple gang people that got shot in that bloodiest of periods in the whole gang. Land detroit gangland era. Thirty people died within under ten months. The result of that was there was an eastside mafia westside mafia while the east siders were kind of modern. They didn't care who they worked with. If you could make them money referencing detroit. The city of deer he signed the west side of detroit. Okay yeah in. The west side was run by a people. In wyandotte michigan. Gangwar took place and the result is What became the modern mafia of detroit which was called the end. What happened is the the new bloods killed out what. They call the mustache. Pete's the old guard. The old sicilian mafia.

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