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We appreciate it. All right. I found this quote from this actually this jerk face or demonstrating the behavior of a jerk facing Andrew Chatfield if that name sounds familiar to Miami hurricanes fans, it's because the Miami hurricanes recruited them, pretty hard. And he chose university of Florida market is a year gator, and I still like you. So this is a quote on facing Miami, Andrew Chatfield, redshirt freshman defensive end. I just see them as another team really because I feel like my whole team we face SEC teams big boy teams they face one SEC team. And they got smashed by LSU last time. I checked. What is wrong with what he says? It's actually entirely accurate, I made entirely. This is the address what I hate the Gators so much I hate this back and forth. All the time with the college trash talk because it seems fresh new because it's new kids saying it every three or four years, but it's all the same nonsense. Like I've heard that same quote about every non SEC team from every gator that's ever been interviewed. It's just well who's not living in the past like any Florida any Miami? Or Florida trash basically any college trash talk outside at Clemson and Alabama is a team essentially living in the past. So I can throw out the fact that I'll golden actually be Florida. Can I do that? Can I throw out the fact that Miami's twenty nine twenty six against Florida? And it's the only team in the ACC outside of Georgia Tech. That's what is losing record against to do that. You can do all that. And frankly, I hope you do all that. I hope the canes are really good. I hope there's some sort of a distraction from the rest of the south Florida scene 'cause it's just it's just getting sadder and sadder the more. I think about it not that the heat. Even that good with Dwayne the last couple of years, but it's just like man what is their down here. Like, there's just going to be nothing. Nothing. Really entertaining. Yeah. I mean, what happened two years ago with the university of Miami and the turnover chain and college game day and the the forty one to eight smashing of Notre Dame. That was that was the best sports moment. I think this market had had since the big three this mortgage dying to feel that way. Again. I think the hurricanes program is probably the closest to making south Florida feel good again. There's a lot of excitement around many many the is pulled up in a yacht. Got the pick them up at Monty's. And he showed up to the wharf in like the most Miami move ever. He's got the energy. He knows how to connect with young people. He gets in and all the ways Mark Rick didn't I'm very excited about this. But Ford is very good. Very good team. And I don't favor Miami in this game over Florida. I'd be insane to but I certainly hope we can shut Andrew Chatfield smell up and he calls it..

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