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Services. Right now, we want to get to Greg Jerry's got your Bloomberg business flash of the San Francisco, Greg. Let me slip my sunglasses on here, a lot of bright red stocks are slumping his disappointing results from two Wall Street heavyweights add to recession worries while bets the Federal Reserve will intensify its fight against inflation pushed the dollar gauge to a record yesterday's hot inflation print bolstered wagers of a full point fed hike in July, Cleveland fed president Loretta mester tells Bloomberg. There's a lot of dating to consider before jumping to a 100 basis rate hike. There's more data coming out that I'm going to be very attuned to. We have retail sales coming out on Friday and we have a very important University of Michigan report and of course that's important because it has the place expectations measure a consumer measure in there. So, you know, we have data coming out. And the S&P 500 is down 1.9% down 72 the Dow's down 1.9% down 590, and the NASDAQ's down 1.9% down 211. That's interesting all down 1.9%. Ten year is down 1630 seconds the yield 2.99% West Texas intermediate crude is down over 5% at 91 44 look to the value of the dollar for that. Comics gold is down 2.1% at 1699 per ounce the dollar yen one 39 17 the Euro is under a dollar just under a dollar and the British found the dollar 17 94. As if Twitter was not having enough problems, many who wanted to tweet this morning had to listen to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 from 1972. Yep, that was the song. It was a big hit, but Twitter had its problems because they had a massive outage this morning. Leaving thousands of users without service for about an hour at the peak at 8 20 in New York 54,582 users reported problems on down detector. That's the Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets

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