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Chris Foster early in person. Voting starts today in Minnesota Self, the code of Virginia and Wyoming. A new poll shows 54% of Americans Plan to vote before Election Day in person or by Mail. Associated Press send RC poll shows that overall 39% of registered voters say they will vote by mail in that rise, according to the poll is skewed toward backers of Joe Biden. Fox's Jeff Man, also 57% of Trump supporters say they'll vote in person. November 3rd, the president and Joe Biden campaign in Minnesota today. Ah, firefighter is killed in the wildfire burning in the San Bernardino National Forest in California boxes. Jeff Paul west of there in Monrovia, California, says it's another hot, dry day. This is what's concerning firefighters. As these winds pick up, you have spot fires that reignite on the hillside and has really no telling where the Gus will carry the hot embers, potentially extending and already growing fire Americans. Employee furloughs at the University of Arizona will end earlier than planned. I'm done each IKEA honesty. News University President Robert Robbins says it's possible because of recruiting and retention efforts that have brought in more revenue from tuition than expected they were set to end next August. He warns the financial challenges tied to the Cova 19 pandemic will likely continue for years. Governor Doug Ducey is reminding Arizonans the deadline to be counted his 12 days away. The census is included in our Constitution. It is instrumental to the proper functioning of our Republican government and has been so for 230 plus years, he says. A good response to the senses will ensure that Arizona will get all of the federal funds. It's supposed Tio He says about 90% of state residents have filled out their forms, and that's a bit below the national average. I'm Donny CI ko honesty. Am 7 90 Tucson's most stimulating talk. There's a silent disease affecting 12 million Americans. More than all types of cancer combined. It's called Short for peripheral artery disease..

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