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Fellow sports fans in Sandy West and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history, We'll start off back in 19 Oh, six on their way to the American League pennant. The Chicago White Sox beat the Washington Senators 4 to 1 for their 19th straight victory this week in 1943, the birth of baseball Great Loop Vanilla New York Yankees. Cincinnati Reds, Mariners raise and Cubs manager in 1969, American League Rookie of the Year this week in 1974 19 year old high school basketball star Moses Malone Signs a contract with the Utah Stars of the ABA to become the first player to go directly from high school into major professional basketball label this week in 1985, New York Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden became the youngest player to win 20 games with the 93 win over the Padres at Shea Stadium. 20 years old. Nine months and nine days this week in 1991, Kansas City's Bret Saberhagen pitched a no hitter to lead the Royal to a seven to nothing win over the Chicago White Sox. Saberhagen struck out five and walked to this week in 2000 and three Eric Gagne said a major league record with his 44th straight save of the season as Los Angeles beat Houston 63. Johnny Eclipse Tom Gordon's 1998 record of 43 in a row to begin a season and this week in 2018, Toronto's Kendrys, Morales became the seventh player in major league history to homer and at least seven consecutive games, going deep in the third inning of the Blue Jays, 8 to 3 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. And that's just some of what happened this week in sports history. The weekend sports Time capsule on I Heart radio. Hi hard radio goes one on one with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, reflecting on how his life affects his music. There's been so many times and I went under the covers or took the low road, so to speak, and didn't really retort to anything. And sometimes that's good. But you know, when you read in publications, where was he was back on drugs, You know, it's much more glamorous. Course that's bad times, but it was very romantic, glamorous and you know, and what happens in the end is I write a song about it, whether Jamie's got a gun or a sweet emotion, and it's just a different take. Keep listening to I hard radio for more from your favorite artists. Oh, I don't know. And sweating Taylor Swift is on Tiktok. She joined the.

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