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Ongoing telecoms drama over there and muscat at the tel aviv stock 35 index down over a third teva the world's biggest maker of generic drugs still falling down one point six percent in its last trading session meanwhile egypt down point seven one percent it's been fighting pretty steadily this month fresh and you have to wonder whether or not investors are pause for breath after that devaluation rally all right let's check in on the first word headlines now from around the world here's debra map tracy as second american warship until minds has been involved in a collision at sea the missile destroyer uss john mccain was heading to singapore went ahead a tanker in the strait of malacca early this morning ten sailors are said to be messing with five more injured the first collision saw seven sailors killed when the uss fitzgerald hit a container ship off of japan the captain was relieved of his command the us and south korea began new war games on monday an operation denounced by the north as reckless sabrerattling that could lead to war if follows weeks of heightened tensions including kim gye loans threats to attack taiwan that drew an aggressive response from president trump who warned of fire and theory kim later said he would watch the new exercises before deciding whether to attack an iraqi forces have launched an offensive to retake the country's largest remaining stronghold of the socalled islamic state the battle for talafar with announced by iraqi prime minister hayder el a body on sunday a month after the city of mozell with declared liberated talafar is said to have a civilian population of up two 50000 and is seen as strategically important because it's close to the syrian border and shares that unicom groups key units in shanghai in hong kong rose after china's secondlargest wireless carrier announced an eleven point seven billion dollars dock sale it's live on six stateowned enterprises pick for a pilot program and mixed ownership part of a government push to drop private capital into its soe is com has attracted investors including alibaba ten sen and china life global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries i'm deborah mouth bloomberg thanks debra while trading volumes are thin across asia this monday as investors await this week central bankers meeting in jackson hole wyoming let's get more on.

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