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Engines, eight four four seven or seven fifty five thirty three to go back to the phones. We've got another hour and a half left, folks. Eight four four seven zero seven fifty five thirty three to your car. We've got Jim. Let me go to Jim. Jim's conus James is calling us from Pennsylvania, James. Dan, I during the day. I'm doing. Okay. Thanks. Good eight, Dan, I've been a partner for a little over year now. And I can't thank you enough for your ministry about the opportunity to share with other, friends and -freshing. Apparent to put together, a biblical portfolio. So again, thank you. Thank you. Really appreciate it. At the end. Aching. I'm taking my our portfolio which. Lord over several companies into Konkan company company, and what I like to do is wrong with the Dan plant. I looked at the allocation model for my age. And between fifty five to sixty five. All this money is in an IRA. And currently fifty eight. And that I have is that allocation model trying to plug in the funds. And I started let me know. My thought started looking at the Bislett and then abroad. And the earth thing I looked at the yellow the. Were highlighted in yellow or blue. Start plugging in the fun and. Does that sound like the right approach to go with with? With this hour. Well, I think it definitely is the right approach. I I would just caution you when you're putting money, you know, if it's not on the list, don't buy it. So don't buy anything off the broad list only off the bye list. But I like the idea of of getting some of those foundational stocks. That's the yellow these are stocks that these are companies that are just good solid super solid, very large. You know, good. Good companies that I call them foundational stocks because it kind of companies you put in there, and you never sell them. You just you know. I feel very confident that over at seven ten year period, they're gonna do well, and they use keep them in there. So I like the idea of starting with some of those might be on the bias. I think that's a great idea. Blue our income stocks. It doesn't mean you can't add them. You certainly can the reason why they're highlighted in blue is because they for people that are using the income model, which you wouldn't use you shouldn't use which are not using. But the income asset allocation model that just kind of gives them a heads up of what to look for. So I have stocks have produced. Good dividends on the list. But they're not highlighted in blue because for one reason or another I don't consider them strong enough or consistent enough, or whatever it might be from an income perspective. So, but it's okay to have those in there because I have some like on the material. Side that industrial side that are both that are blue and foundation or the lettering might be yellow and highlighting on it is blue. It's hard to see that yellow. But that's that's fine. And I'll have a problem with that. So I think you're on the right track. Keep going slow if you need something to fill your a sector, and you don't there's nothing on the by list. Just wait it out. Don't go off the broad less. Just keep that money. You know, sit in the money market account until something shows up and then start to fill that gradually tried to work towards the next couple of years of having two or three maybe even four different companies in every sector. So with that in mind dull by if you have that five percent and energy. Don't put off five percent of your energy. Position in one stock if there's only one on the list, so just to give you some fundamentals there about that. Okay. Question. I'm here on.

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