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He has that other fighting promotion that he did. That's on uc fight past man played soccer and by promoter conor mcgregor going on going off on daniel and this is the reason why one of the reasons why i'll show you this video. I saw daniel cormet. This is during conor mcgregor versus poor to and they're doing like a beer chugging contests with laura cinco okay. Dry is the camera and so for sure the camera and needs to relax but I'm confused though. So this was a bit. They did on that. Espn ha show and he says drunk to that what that also because you know how dc had abused back when you're talking about could be father. Were bad tiny. Do you know anybody who had back there. And no i mean no one. I don't think anyone has his back right now. Then like die hard fans and he delayed these streets. I don't think deleting who deletes tweets by the way dare koreans a fatness getting into worse condition by the day. God bless them showed up drunk at me events the the very day before he was in the booth call my fight drunk enemy of at work in the day before being accomplished on the biggest fight in history. The sackable offence committed. Be drunk at press work the day before county and the big fight dreadful get together belching the mike at a press event and all what the fuck the day before counting the big fight is this guy serious your back situations just your back situations just mental to your weight and your way off way of life is the biz mwale and now drunk at work the day before he counting mcgregor event pitiful congrats john on his head k. k. on average sale good always defeats evil. You're evil fake. It's just desperation just staying. He's been crazy tweeden ya so he was doing this like question. Answer things with the fans on his twitter. Okay and then. I guess he said like he's gonna take the one seventy belt as well become this. You know multi time champion. Days are overdue and responded. Like you're gonna crack me or you're going to mess me. He's like you got mess up by d. As a bunch of other people don't know those those days are over. He saying so much crap right now so he tried to get. Dc fired not getting fired. But he did say that's a fireball offense to be drinking before offense for commentator so part of this fucking cancelled he's just looking when you do man yeah are moving on this is from damon martin from fighting he said the stop benner versus robert whitaker to is probably pushed back to twenty twenty two because of all the you know the states outside of the country's getting close dacoven australia i think but australia's fucking kick and ask them to even go there to go. There will be a trouble like even right now. To go japan you can even go to japan japan. I'm just looking at. I'm waiting 'til your tour next year. The i definitely now. It's always where people are going to be the fuck the middle pandemic man and it's everywhere. Yeah so it's supposed to be november this year but most likely twenty twenty two. Unfortunately i assume the challenge for the. Us's getting the staff from america over there and just betting on it to risking you know nightmare. Yeah You know this guy gable. Stephen anyone metal per So he was to dana white. And this one. Vince mcmahon hughes tweet net them. Yeah g. lane what. This is what he did he then. Hello dana white. Hello just potentially be a part of their companies you know okay and He's also considering going to the. Nfl of all things listened. What's his name gable stevenson stevenson. Gabriel don't fuck defy game. Go straight the nfl here. I mean if you can do it a wrestler. He's had a trial will. They've they've done it before like there's a guy the guy who beat i forget his name get the guy who beat Brock leser in the finals in college. Neil neil stevens never played football and then was there like. You're big enough good footwork. They became one of the best. Wow in was also the guy who protected brady for many many years interesting. So that's why they do it. 'cause there'd be that big athletic the the nfl's gonna eat it up. They'll give them at least shot do that. I for them workout. Then get the fucking alleys of the final say you said. Nfl is probably one of the if not the hardest most talented athletes. I get all by far by far scott coker assault about this guy's well saying he's already in talks with his team to potentially them in baltimore. I mean you have to. Nfl doesn't work out. And you may route you. You've seen have you fucked and fighting france's the next year so i'd probably pass on that bubba. That's a tough gig. Yes if you want to get brought up the right way to do that. Jk use them to start. Some with geico soon goes horribly wrong. I bet twenty thousand that gave soon can take me down. Any takers. wanna lose twenty k. and five seconds. And let's go while someone has to pay the taxes for your gold. Would you like houston chicago or new york. Never heard of you but diem for my address. Yeah you know what he would do to jay and also he was. Gable was talking to john. John's on twitter while john wants him to train over albuquerque with him to a happy sick. Yeah you know. Kevin lee that guy shawn brady. Who had his messed up foot. Yes i love. Fuck and daniel rodriguez attitude. He's he's not too bad. S the keegan short like when you see him with a full campaigns alex frigging amazing. He looks good too short notice but they keep in this poor guy..

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