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Playing a national of playing the national anthem. Before a sporting event. Well, it's tradition. Okay? I never liked that reason. I've never with anything I've never just taken or accepted. This is the way we've always done things, so we're going to continue to do it this way. I've always looked at that is faulty logic. Just because somebody at some point made a decision and said, This is how we're going to do it. That means we never question it or never reconsider. By that logic, we wouldn't change a rule and we never change rules in sports. We wouldn't change laws we would just say, Well, this is this is what tradition dictates. This is how we've done it and we're going to continue to do it that way. If something isn't working. If something is broken, you fix it. And so my issue with what we have with the anthem right now, is this Jonathan Isaac decides to stand for it. And now some In the sports media and mohr importantly, other N BA players are giving him flak for it. Jared Dudley Lakers reserve go to his Twitter account if you want Last night. It happens. He's criticizing Isaac for standing for the anthem. I guess. Now it's a two way street if their players were criticized for kneeling Then players can be criticized for standing, okay. See, I look at it the other way. I'm of the opinion that if I'm gonna respect someone's decision to Neil, I'm also going to respect their decision to stand. I know for me. What individuals, D'oh! With their own time. Their own personal decisions during the 90 seconds were two minutes of the national anthem before a sporting of event starts. I don't really care. I don't really care. I'm not going to base my opinions on a person. I'm not going to judge a person. I'm not going to Put someone up on a pedestal. And I'm not going to tear somebody down based on what they do during the national anthem before the start of a sporting event. I believe The and this is documented and you hear people still on public address. Announcer say it all the time before the anthem gets played. The intent originally. And for the longest time was to use the national anthem before sporting event to honor America. That's what they would say It was. It was two minutes to say we live in a country. Where were allowed to have sports as leisure. As Fun as entertainment. And let's just play the national anthem to appreciate that. And somewhere along the way before we even get to Colin Kaepernick. Somewhere along the way of doing that, And by the way, if you want to know if you ever asked yourself well, why did we start playing the national anthem at sporting events in the first place? I'll give you the answer. I know it. In 1918. This is not a long story. I just want to give you the background in 1918. During the World Series. I believe it was cubs in red socks. It was during World War ll And I think it was the seventh inning stretch during a lull in play. There was a band at the game and they played The Star Spangled Banner. And it was a big hit with the crowd and they played at the next game, and they played at the game after that, and before you know it, it's start. It's getting played in every major league baseball game. It's more than 100 year history of doing it. History doesn't always it shouldn't always dictate the future. And so what? I'm what I'm saying to you is and I'm curious to get your thoughts on playing the national anthem before sporting events. Before N BA games before NHL games before Major League Baseball games before NFL games. Do we really need to do it? Is it still something that's worth doing? At 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 124227 Andrew Philip, only CBS Sports radio If this were the intent originally was to do something that brought us regardless of where we're from. Our how we were raised or what color skin we have or what religious creed. We ascribe Tio if the original intent was Hey, there's 15 20,000 of us here. Let's always one for him for two minutes. Recognize that we're all Americans, if that was the original intent to bring us all together. If that's been lost, and now what we're seeing instead is that it is dividing. It is doing Muchmore dividing it is creating more dissent, dissension. It is creating more argument than anything else. Isn't really something that still worth doing. Do I need I know the answer to this, but I'm gonna ask it in the form of a question to allow you to respond at 855 to 124227 So I need to get my patriotism, my patriotic fix. Do I need to get that from sports. So I need Before this game is about to start. I'm in NHL, not I'm in Pittsburgh. Do I need them to play. The Star Spangled Banner and the Canadian anthem. Do I need them to play that before? The Florida Panthers in the New York Islanders are about to play. Do I need it before the game? In order to Watch it and enjoy it and appreciate joint. Do I need that first, though? I need that two minute moment. To think about my life and where I am. In what I've been able to do what I'm blessed with. Do I need that before the game starts..

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