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T. L. west Palm Beach plantation fort Pierce from ABC news I'm Terry Alden or all eyes are on New Orleans as a federal appeals court hears arguments over the constitutionality of the affordable Care Act and members of Congress are among those keeping close watch Republicans prevail these protections are obliterated overnight minority leader Chuck Schumer blasting Republicans in the president whose department of justice chose not to defend the law but the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promising there's nobody on the Senate not in favor covering for existing conditions nobody and if that were under with any of these scenarios to go away we would act quickly on a bipartisan basis to restore right now there's no Republican plan to replace obamacare and insure those protections for pre existing conditions Serena Marshall ABC news Washington president trump says he'll look closely at labor secretary Alex the cost is handling of a sex trafficking case involving billionaire Jeffrey upstate I feel very badly actually for secretary a customer because I've known him as being somebody that works so hard and has done such a good job I feel very badly about for that whole situation but we're going to be looking at that and looking at it very closely I comes to was a federal prosecutor in Florida when he was involved in a two thousand eight plea deal that allowed upstream to avoid prison time feel excited satyrus finished his closed door session with the house intelligence committee where he says he talked about the trump tower Moscow deal the family of a seventeen year old California girl shot and killed by Fullerton police in Anaheim on Friday are demanding answers saying they still don't know what exactly happened to Hannah William we are more than devastated not only by what happened to Hannah the resulting news reports any events that have transpired since July Williams is godmother Linda Campbell is demanding a civil rights investigation stocks made modest gains on Wall Street after spending the day mostly flat the Dow closed down twenty three points but had been down more than a hundred forty you're listening to CDW we get modern servers need to be flexible scalable and predictable I predicted you'd say that okay what I say next early something a month server security impressive and freaking CD W. can implement secure Hewlett Packard enterprise gentes servers that improve speed and performance well reduce using cost the predictable hi to your frustration by CDW.

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