President Trump, Iran, Supreme Court discussed on Bruce Elliott


News. President Trump tweeted out amid reports of a shakeup in his campaign polling operation the day before he kicks off his reelection campaign with a rally in Orlando. Fox's John decker live at the White House, Trump campaign press secretary, Kaley Meccan, any acknowledging on FOX and friends at the campaign conducted. Unfavorable internal polls back in March, but maintaining that the president has improved considerably since then right now, the president is leading an all seventeen swing states against a defined democrat Trump campaign reportedly fired. Several pollsters after internal polling numbers showed that he's trailing potential democratic challenger. Joe Biden were leaked Dave on Jonah. Knew FOX Paul shows the top five candidates in the democratic race. All leading President Trump head to head and forty three percent of those surveyed in the poll want the president peach removed from office. Forty eight percent oppose that he tells ABC news. He did not. Obstruct justice. It's not Watergate, I wasn't going to fight, you know why. Because I watched Richard Nixon go around firing everybody and that didn't work out too. Well, Iran is ready to challenge, the country, still signed onto the nuclear deal in the next ten days. It'll stockpile uranium beyond the limits set in that agreement that Iran's trying to renegotiate with more favorable terms after the US pulled out and imposed economic. Sanctions Ron also says it'll enriched nuclear fields near weapons-grade, Iran will not get a nuclear weapon that's the goal that's the objective of our entire campaign with respect to Iran. Secretary of state Pompeo keeps blaming around for last week's oil-tanker attacks. European foreign ministers urging the US to show restraint Meanwhile, China's leader will go to North Korea later this week for talks. We're awaiting new decisions this morning from the supreme court, which just sidestepped another case of a Baker, refusing to make a wedding cake for same sex. Couple in Oregon, the court refused. Orders state judges to take another look at that case last year. The justices narrowly ruled in favor of Colorado, Baker who refused to make religious.

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