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That we talk about and how some leaders in our party talk about it but i do think were moving in the right direction nancy pelosi still rings a good deal of firepower with her leadership she's a tremendous fundraiser and we're seeing that play out on our behalf but at the same time i do think we need younger newer faces m a lot of the people who have come in the congress need to move up into leadership positions and i think leader pelosi has done that to it to a certain regard but there just you know one in the modern day politics when you spend a billion dollars trying to trash the democratic leadership at some point it sticks because leader pelosi's raising money defending the candidates in those districts she's not defending herself so it's not fair as to where her ranking stand right now but it is an issue that i think we need to continue to be aware of but having said that i think with donald trump has done in the last three four five weeks is beginning of the end for the republican party i mean you're starting to see member senators peel off and go against trump he's not accomplished anything that he said he was going to accomplish in fact he's not even advocating for the things that he came to ohio and talked about he talked about expanding health care he talked about a big jobs bill and in both instances he's fail he's taken people off of their healthcare both republican bills have thrown twenty plus million people off of their healthcare and there's no jobs program at all and more it's looking like they're going to try to pass a tax build it's not going to be good for the economy either so i understand let me let me go to alanon opponent other because i because maybe if your point about donald trump is well taken i wonder if that's a concern for some republicans who were strategizing about the next election.

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