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The wonderful sudan unison is ready to go in the news room i suspect she has a second by second analysis of something that will be my guess this is news radio 1040 who right now today's top stories from des moines's news traffic and severe weather station news radio 1040 who 430 unsee danielsson who radio news sunny and 83 degrees this news brought to you by bankers trust our top local story this hour fire caused a lot of of damage to buildings in the western iowa city a big sirat's started overnight smoke could be seen for miles police and aims arrested a guy today who tried to rob a highly drugstore noah sanderson claimed he had a knife and demanded money from a clerk stalled him for a little while which was pretty smart because we actually knew about the robbery i think before he even left the store he eventually took a little bit of money he ran out offshoot were in the area to set up a perimeter aims police commander jeff hot says cops had to use a taser on and he says the robbery was poorly planned the stores near the police department there are a lot of witnesses and officers all over the place since been charged with firstdegree robbery and is in this story county jail are rare beautiful and stinky flour is about to blue method to mind botanical garden it's called the corpse flower expected to bloom in the next two weeks experts say the rare flower blooms for just a few hours only every five years and he does not smell good we had a picture of that plant on who radio dot.

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