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Who have uv the mantras book goal carryover are spread attack uh forth they'll do very similar to it that we had a riverside fit all kinds of school record them um yeah we just want to be found in all phases and uh yeah the areas known for office we will make known for defense well have you gotten to know is some of the players the familiarise yourself with your guy's yet or is that something now you'll you'll take over here the next couple of months uh we been with weights relief factor school yeah are really good pernell your great young man uh work really hard you know eager for a fresh start and not i could tell them all the time guys what we're what we're going to do simple but it's not easy and uh something that would continue to talk about uh we're gonna we're gonna always talk about at nitro you know we tropical nitro boot so uh we're gonna talk about tnt team working toughness along with our when the day uh philosophy so our guy they're bought their buying into it and uh sunday watched them work right now well i'll let a lotta people know this must which gears on you hear a little bit bummer keep it on the coaching side i i would guess that as a head coach for west virginia high school football your family has the most major league baseball wins out of anybody in this day i'll let people know that data's storm davis won over a hundred and ten games in a in a uh what 1214 year major league baseball career so obviously your dad and and what your step on goal in glenn davis adopted uncle glenn davis who is a power hitting first baseman for the astros he had this baseball background you'd grew up around major league baseball ugo when you become a football head coach played football in college now football head coach tell me about that transition you grew up in a baseball family now you're a football had coach how that happened her you know i got cut from the middle school baseball team a seventh grade and um he's nghien i would just say you know what this football things gone gonna work out for uh.

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