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That really inspires your play. Is Your Baby Girl Eden? How has she rated? You got a map to see you know at the end of the day is your responsibility to take care of some that you create so at the end of the day you know. I just WanNa make sure that she would. She have all the best team. Cr The things that I didn't get a chance to see you do things I didn't get a chance to. Do you know whether or not she plays sports. You know she going to be able to go to school for any school. She WanNa go to so not ask the main goal. We are looking forward to seeing you on Draft Night. Will she be on your lap by any chance? He right is doing some funny Alma. Funny Kid I always love to see what the kids are wearing. You know maybe sometimes they match dad. Do you have anything special? Planned out for the two of us. Nine matching no we just. She got her own fly. Got On scene so we'll look forward to seeing you look forward to seeing you and I can't wait to talk to. You have to you know what your destination is. Thanks okay so so. What does milk hyper think about? Where law we'll be drafted taking a look at the best of the class. Mail has kin law as second only behind. Auburn's Derrick Brown in two thousand nine hundred thousand Kinley had the second highest pressure percentage as an interior linemen only trailing jalen Redmond as we say hello to Mel Kiper Junior Andrew. Nagy go first here. What's the best way to describe? What Kin Law brings the NFL? He was able to shed so wait early on. Of course he had a hip injury. A couple years ago played through that snow. Had some disruptive. Plays behind the line of scrimmage. When you look at Kinloch you mentioned his size. Six five three twenty four. He plays a bigger net. He's got super long alarms huge hands he can be a major factor in the backfield five sacks him in the first six games this past year. This kid is a talent. I think he goes anywhere between nine. The Jacksonville eighteen the Miami. He's certainly going to be the second defensive tackle off the board and he has a chance what his talent which is off the charts have really good. Nfl Guy Given that backfield wreak havoc. Yeah you're talking about ten sacks over the last two years and I said he was. Banged up dips played two seasons ago so John. Tynwald may not be up to the level of Derrick Brown. Dirk round figures go a little higher but KEN LAWS. The second defensive tackle as it looks to me like a mid first rounder. Jim Yet an up close look at him and got to know him at the senior bowl. What were your impressions? Yeah to me. He's he's one of the top ten players in this draft. You Watch the eighteen tape. His junior year he looked like a really raw player just in terms of technique and awareness. You put on the nineteen tape and he looked like a guy that was really starting to figure it out. You know we just. We just heard from him. He had a little baby girl this off season. That can usually do two things to a player it can. It can send him into a tailspin a little bit or it can really focus and talking to the coaches at South Carolina that really got giovane. Kinloss focused Mel talked about. He dropped twenty pounds. I was at the Alabama game in saw this guy. He looked different than the year before he completely reconfigured his body. Then he did. He came down to mobile for two days of practice. Put on an absolute show and that was big for him. Because there's a Lotta decision-makers head coaches GM's that you know they watch the tape but they didn't get to see this guy in person so to stand ten feet from a drill. And I know Lewis. Was there when you see this guy. Put his hands on other men and what what it does to them. It really makes a big impact. And I've had a lot of those decision makers tell me that that down here in mobile is where they really took notice of what von Kinloch and be and when you look where he might end up. I look at number thirteen San Francisco that would be an ideal fit for them. You know they trade deforest Buckner to Indianapolis Colts get that thirteenth. Pick back in could get a guy to replace buckner right away to me. That'd be a great fit replenished with a beast Jim Mel thanks Channel Your Inner Mel Kiper Junior. Espn draft challenge. We asked the questions you make your picks at ESPN DOT com slash draft challenge the NFL draft begins next Thursday night like the NFL. Draft isn't challenging enough. Let's make in virtual. It's great to be joined by Ravens. General Manager Eric Decosta Eric. Just a week away. So how are you feeling right now? Just in terms of your comfort level with your set up in the draft headquarters the Dacosta House well Suzie. I think we're getting there. I mean there's always going to be some apprehension you know we're basically relying on technology and we're relying on a bunch of people that are kind of connected remotely working together. I think this kinks to the process that we're working out. I think in the end. We really do have a lot of competent. The process that the evaluations will always rely on that first and foremost and they will have to work together as a team and before we talk draft virtual as we know. They are voluntary but they can begin on Monday. So what's that going to look like for the Ravens with done a lot of planning in that regard and I think our coaches have done an awesome job. Mapping out things that we can do to help our players prepare to be the best that they be. Some of that will be our strength coach. Steve Saunders coach Harbaugh. The coach is working in conjunction with our players. You know some of our players are going to rehab and different things as well. So our trainers will be involved There's going to be a lot of online type things initially with some structure that we put in place regarding workouts things like that. We think most of our players will be excited about the opportunity to get better. Use these technologies that we can produce for them and we're excited to see where that leads to earlier. In the show we heard from von Miller who has tested positive for cove in one thousand nine hundred. We've seen pictures online of your quarterback out training with some speedy wide receivers. How much sleep have you been losing? Just hoping everyone in your organization is safe and healthy. Well you do quite a bit about that. First and foremost I just WanNa thank all the first responders doctors and nurses around the country who have so selflessly given to make our country and You worry every day about your families your players the children we hope everybody's using good judgment making good decisions to keep themselves safe. Keep your family safe. We trust that they will be moving forward and and we just hope that we can get to the point where everybody doesn't have to worry about this quite so much now we can get back to normal life. Okay so we'd love to get a look at your whole draft set up there as you're showing US number. One is your draft board complete. Do you feel like you guys are ready to go. Well not yet suzy. I think we've got a meeting on Monday. we're still kind of pouring through stuff decisions be called clumps clumps of players that are very very close on your draft board usually at the same position. China work through some of those guys trying to assess which guys are best for our E. We'll have that done probably by Monday night or maybe Tuesday morning. I think it will really start to think about a game. Plan Strategy Trades and things like that really trying to put put ourselves in the best position to succeed over the week. Okay if you could show us how your layout looks what it will look like when this thing kicks off on Thursday night house. This House laid out in your house. Well I think we've got. I've got a bunch of different monitors down here. You see a big screen. That's probably going to be the screen whereas got the draft board. They'll put that up and then over here as you can see some other gear. That's the camera. I think that you see in the corner right there that you guys will be using the legal by using the gain access and also to make sure that we're body ball the different protocols that we've got in place right and that is the legal. Be Watching you to make sure you are. It's just you in the room right and also ESPN NFL network. We should be able to tap into that too and be able to. You know take a look at you and see you going about your business as well. That's exactly right down here so you can see some different things. I've got some tape that I'm watching right. Now that I can look at evaluate what we've got some other things that will use as the picks come off the different monitors and displays that we can use as well. That will have us that. We're not really feel like we're missing too much being together that we can see you know how many picks team has for instance what picks a theme is made by position. All the pictures come off are much time is left on the clock and then also we've created some different things I think are analysts. Have been a great job creating software. It'll help us remotely look at trades as they come in to give a chance to evaluate. All the different prayed that we see that. Come off the board and then I've also got a TV over here in the corner. I was really really concerned because I don't have TV in here and I have to have ESPN. I can't Miss Mel and Pod and all those guys and you got Jeremiah. This year as well so so I had to have put in here. That was a little challenging because I'm not why TV in this particular room. But I was able to figure it out he while I'm proud of myself and so I'll have ESPN as well. And if all else fails WI FI goes out. Everything goes down then what I would. I would probably just get on my phone. Call Kenny Story from the League and say this is who we're picking and if I had to do it I probably would do that. I I think the biggest thing is try to prepare. We've done a really good job. I think parents are all the different possibilities. Vpn going down Wifi going down. Nothing happening the other people are going to be on the call with us any kind of technology things. Fortunately I've got a generator here. In case we lose power BASEBA electrical storm or something like that I think recovered plus the other nice thing susie is only lives about maybe one hundred and fifty yards away from me so if anything really really bad happens but you kind of meet halfway talk about strategies you can yell over the fence. Right Eric. This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing taking us behind the scenes. We you wish you the best of luck on Thursday night and of course throughout the whole weekend..

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