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That you also have an individual right god given right to protect yourself whether it's a tarantula government more bear coming at a threat or your neighbor coming at your credit any threat you have that individual right and that is so critically important and the fact is when somebody like john paul stevens when he wrote about it that way to me they're being disingenuous what they're saying is now that's antiquated and you shouldn't have that right that the state should be in control of everything that you don't have an individual right to self protection you want dangerous thought you want a dangerous mindset it's that of john paul stevens that's a dangerous mindset when you start telling people in the united states of america they don't have a personal right to self protection i say in the united states of america it's dangerous anywhere in the world when you tell an individual that the state it can control you to the point where you can't defend yourself against other threats that come at you and when you're totally completely law abiding citizen to and that's the whole point your lawabiding citizen and they say you can't be trusted well you know something this nation is great today this nation is great because we do trust the individual that's why it's great we're great you want to know why we have american exceptionalism is because we trust the individual it is the individual that we care about it is the individual that we look at in the highest esteem the individual the individual rights have come from it because society is built by individuals by responsible law abiding individuals who understand that their role in the success of a society like the united states is as great as any police officer or any politician out there and when you move away from that that's extremely dangerous now you can't be trusted with it now there is no second amendment right we the people on the hill we the people in the mansion's we the people with our armed security living in are gated communities we will tell you how to run your life that is the ultimate in elitism you want the ultimate of elitism right there john paul stevens there yes that is that the you are not to be trusted the individual because if you extrapolate that out you.

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