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Defense pay attention all five players. If there's only one player you gotta worry about which is Caleb Kern, who's got 14 points at the half. I mean, you focus your defensive efforts on him. You're gonna have make you're gonna force part Christian to find someone else to score and they've got a couple of young men they've scored, but Both teams are a little obviously Ali. We're talking about two teams that have a combined one win. So far. I mean, let's be honest about what we're seeing here tonight to in experience teams, but so far climax, Fischer looks a little more organized little bit better on the offensive in this second half were kind of down towards one end here, James. We'll get a better up close view of climax Fisher here in the second half. But Are Christians gonna need to get their offense Get it running. Get everybody running their sets. They need better, much better movement from their players better off ball movement when they're on the offensive end, so some minor adjustments. I think that they can make and I think obviously it's it's a one point game. This game could go Either way. It's been It's been unique in a sense, but it's exciting. Nonetheless. It's a close ball ball game between two competitive teams, and that's one thing that I'm really looking forward to. I think part Christian, the second half gonna look and I think the coaching staff is gonna make an adjustment and where they're going to say. Not necessarily. We have to do this every possession down where you're looking. And Max Al back to had 18 points last time last game on on Friday against Monroe Muoi bit and then you also Alex Drum. There's both their two big men. Quote unquote. You're looking in class a basketball or 6 Ft. 26 ft two guy. When you get in class eight. That's kind of what some of the bigger guys look like. In Minnesota. You know, you explain what some smaller schools but they had 18 points in 12 point, respectively. And against my moment Waban the Thunderbirds last Friday evening, and when Roman Joab and they play a lot of full court press, they got a couple of bigger kids. They're a little bit more aggressive on the offensive end as well. And they were able to, you know muscle in 30 Point trade there, and most of it was down low in the paint for those two young men. So if you're just looking for the second half, try and fight it down low and inside there. I mean, you're looking him climax, Fisher. I mean, you probably only got two, maybe three kids in this rock, so they're gonna be over actually 6 ft 44 climate exhibition that are actually playing in the games. You're looking at that. Understand? Okay, We got similar size to them. Let's try and take advantage. You know, let's get a couple kids in foul trouble. You're looking and what was it climax. Fisher. I believe only committed three follows in the first half, and nobody has more than one foul. So nobody's in foul trouble. And part of it has to do with the fact that part Christian isn't being physical, and I think of they adjust to that a little bit more the second half that that's going to be their chance to get back. Not only take the lead, but also try and pull out this evening. Yeah, I mean, you've got the habits brothers. We got a senior.

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