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Of the dumb cast family of podcast and I am on today with my co hosts Sophie as Sophie. Hey Kelly and we are very excited a little bit fan girly even to joined today by Katie Hill who is the author of a great new book that will talk about and also the founder of the her time pack. So High Kenny Hello so much for having me I'm excited to be here. Yeah. We are very excited to to have you on so first of all Happy Birthday Thank you. Thank you. It was a good day yesterday. Yes. So Birthday, we've got women's Equality Day. It's a good time here. It is. And we're all ignoring the Republican convention. Gosh. I had two nights of birthday celebration things in. So I was able to fully check out and. Tonight have. Gotten event with the Commonwealth. Club, so I'm keeping myself busy during all of these. These nights just tried to ignore twitter. Excellent. Excellent. So let's start with talking some about the book, and so the book is called she will rise came out a couple of weeks ago and it's fantastic. So it does a little bit about in a way would. You to write the book and sort of the audience that you're trying to reach with. US. Shore. Well, what inspired me? I mean I think probably this point most people who are listening to your podcast. about my. My resignation last year, and the fact that it came after my ex has been had released. Naked pictures of me in conjunction with the right wing media and with my Republican kind of political. Operatives in in the districts that were trying to take me out and so you know a lot of things contributed to the resignation but ultimately, I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to step down and in kind of the aftermath of that you know I felt like it was really important and I said this in my resignation speech I am I am not going to be in the halls of Congress anymore, but I am not giving up the fight and If anything what happened to me made me feel like I needed to up I needed to double down on my efforts, but I didn't know what that would look like yet. So for writing the book, it actually serves a dual purpose in one way it actually helped me really process the you know. Everything the emotional aspects of of everything that had happened and also really just put into a structured concrete plan. How can how I can contribute moving forward and that's really the work of her time. And I kind of take us through on the book tickets through the personal story. My own experiences but how those are really reflective in examples of. These almost universal experiences that women have that show that equality is still a long way off, and here we are a hundred years from the time. We got the right to vote but we we still have a lot of work to do and when you talk about audience I, want it to be abroad since but really you know I, think the people who have the the biggest potential to be impacted are especially younger women so I hope that this gets into the hands of You know Y- goals in in younger women who who can who can learn from it and be really inspired to to to take up the fight. So I gotta say Sophie and I have read a lot of political wear type books. We did a whole series of episodes where we reviewed the books of the Presidential Candidates and Oh nice and this is much more personal and moving. To be fair, they're all running for president so they're trying to be careful. But I I, really like how you were able to sort of combine these these deeply personal emotional moments also practical advice, and that's I think that's a tricky thing to do obscene a Lotta traded to it. What was her to your process in in writing this, figuring out how to weave together anecdotal things things about your family. But also, this very real sort of and this is what we do. Yeah it's a good question I guess. I kind of had an idea in my head about what I wanted to I i. didn't want this just to be a memoir. So people ask me kind of like are you gonNA write a memoir and I'm like I didn't I didn't feel like there was enough of a purpose for me to just talk about myself. I wanted it to translate into something actionable and especially because I felt like that was the promise that I made by stepping down. Was this this has to turn it into something more and and. So as I was as I was outlining the book and for me, you know I was actually an English major. So getting into politics ended up. It was a strange turn of events in the first place but so for me outlining and really kind of getting your your thesis in the point you WanNa get across for each section of the book. Each chapter was a really important part of the of physically paving the way to be able to write everything else out. So it's almost like the the narrative was was a that was much more natural that that kind of wove itself in just by coming out of me, I was trying as I knew the the sort of the chapters that I wanted to hit the experiences that I wanted to touch on. That I thought really contributed to two factors that are keeping us from achieving equality. So when you talk about workplace dynamics or pay equality or inequality and you know our personal safety in domestic violence in those pieces that I I know have touched my own life and that of my family and actually the fact that my my grandmother's story ended up becoming a big part of the book was also unexpected and I think it's it was really it was a it was a great learning experience for me in terms of how to approach writing if I, you know I decide to do this again. Kelly had mentioned in the use started her time. Can you tell us a little bit about her time instead of what the pack does assure dates and endorses? Yes. So when I stepped down I, had a about a million dollars in my reelection campaign fund and I had a choice to either just leave it there. In case I decide to run for something down the road or I could turn it into a to what I did, which is political. Action Committee, and by doing that basically, it converts all the money to resources that we can spend directly giving to candidates or on behalf of candidates at to to help them get elected in the mission for her time is to elect more women specifically young women and women of Color into offices. All Levels primarily focused on the congressional races, but we've also expanded it now to state legislative races it wide races isn't even some local races that are. We know we can have a bigger impact on because if you read the books and it all comes down to, we've got all these different policies that we can enact in that Evidence based in have have broad support but if we don't have the right people in power meaning if we don't have equal representation. By, women four women than were not going to be able to get these done. So it's it's all about translating the the kind of ideas in the book into into action. See you mentioned. I mentioned I don't know somebody mentioned. Top that we're I I years out from women getting the right to vote now, and you talk some in your book about Susan B. Anthony and struggles of the that she went through and actually being arrested for for voting and you know just recently, of course, trump decided to pardon Susan B..

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