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Exactly and we have this wonderful team that that puts together the scientific images of the of the tabular three, sixty images of a full panorama from ours from a current mission that's called Marsin Laboratory, which is the curiosity rover who's up there doing cool science, and so we already had the content. You know all we had to do sort of figure out had a smash it into this new interface to be able to make it work, and so I had the really exciting. Job of seeing his that seeing that is really important fun thing and spending about a week I'd ask for a preview from facebook and youtube to send me their stuff. So I, could start experimenting with how exactly to do this so that when they released this new feature I mean we were able it was happenstance there was a new panorama, a full panorama meaning both the Rovers Image D- and the terrain around the rovers alleged fully that's not something that we constantly do. Just because if you can imagine that's a lot of data that's a lot of data transfer down from Mars to Earth. So usually we do things to check if the rovers. Okay. So image the rover or just image the terrain to see what the terrain looks like but this was a full panorama and I was like, Oh, my gosh. So February two, thousand sixteen, we were able to sort of take this and be one. Of the first agencies to sort of beyond top of releasing an image like this from NASA in this new format where people could be standing in the rovers wheels basically looking around Mars at this June, and that's where another click happened in my brand. I was like immersive. You know let's do that. This is amazing I love figuring out how to get that to all work in. Let's go further down into the rabbit hole of. What else can we do so? I ended up producing about I, think nine three sixties from then on some more narrative some not some just kind of. You know cereal with images in really nice sounes to kind of like, let you float around in space because who doesn't love doing that. And the next jump within JPL was leaving communications in moving over to the software side because I had that extreme want to be like..

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