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So these are the top stories on NewsRadio WBZ 'em. Congressional leaders. Pelosi and Schumer tell President Trump to separate the government shutdown from the debate over the border wall. More ahead from CBS news, Illinois, Senator dick Durbin says the government shutdown is deep and personal a case of legionnaires disease at a veterans home and Manto in kankakee county has been confirmed and two more people charged in a mob attack on to victims at red line platform in December WBZ sports. Blackhawks host Nashville tonight bulls are in Portland and Loyola loses. In college basketball WBZ business on the markets yesterday. Dow was up two hundred fifty six points, NASDAQ up seventy three the s&p up twenty five points. CBS news update is next. It's one thirty one CBS news update Dade nineteen of the partial government shutdown. President Trump frame the fight for a border wall as a crisis of the heart and soul. Mr. Trump blame Democrats for the shutdown as he asked for five point seven billion dollars for the wall. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer health deliver the Democrats rebuttal to the president's speech where he spoke about the shutdown saying Mr. Trump is holding the American people hostage separate the shutdown from arguments over border security. There is bipartisan legislation supported by Democrats and Republicans to reopen government while allowing debate over border security to continue as for federal workers effectively. Ovonic Johnson works for the General Services Administration in Washington DC, sit down and think about your constituents that you serve every day who actually go out and vote for you to represent them at the highest level of government that there is CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. WBZ news time one thirty two. Illinois senior Senator dick Durbin says the effect. Of the partial government shutdown may not be very apparent at Chicago's O'Hare and midway airports. But the impact is deep and personal Senator dick Durbin says he is not worried about airport security Transportation Security Administration screeners are considered essential personnel. Meaning that they are required to report for work. Whether they're getting paid or not reporting for duty,.